Level 15 Clan 💣
Recruiting balanced players, Heros 35+ (Warden balanced as well for higher THs)

We are mostly US based players, a lot from North Carolina and mostly east coast, but we do have a few players from all over the country. 18+, mostly adults with full time jobs who are happy to jump on quickly during the day for donations.

We dont stress mandatory donation ratios, we get it, a TH12 donating sieges every time is gonna have more donations than those without sieges, and vise versa for receiving them and not being able to donate, just keep it reasonable is all we ask.

We war almost every other day, around 9pm EST. Feel free to opt in and out whenever, for upgrades or just real life reasons. You will always have max level CC for defending and attacking and wait times for war donations are almost never more than a few minutes.

Clan games are never a problem, were usually finished in a couple days, no minimum points required, just try to give your fair share.

Our main focus now is CWL as we are in Crystal 1 looking to make the jump.

We joke, cuss, drink, and chirp each other regularly, so if you dont have thick skin this might not be the place for you. The clan has been operated by KingKilla since 2014 and has no sight of slowing down. We have plenty of experience with war attack strategies, so if youre base is balanced, we will gladly show you the ropes if needed. Feel free to stop by, just put Ad on Forum on the request. Good luck and happy clashing!