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Thread: What is your favorite Hay Day feature?

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    What is your favorite Hay Day feature?

    With all of the negativity about the Valley update recently, I needed to see another happy thread on the forums. That being said... what is your all time FAVORITE Hay Day feature? It can be something that came with the initial release of the game, like trucks, or something that came in the past few updates, like the ability to help trucks and town visitors. However, please make sure it is a feature. For example, donít say the candy machine, a specific product, etc. Along with the feature, give a little reasoning as to why it is your favorite!

    So to start off this thread, I will give you my favorite feature in the game... the Derby! It is often one of the main mechanics still motivating me in the game, along with trying to achieve Level 100, although I will for sure continue playing after that (Level 92 right now). I love the whole concept of it, and the Summer 2017 update, introducing Derby Themes, made me love it even more with many possibilities in the future!

    Comment below your favorite feature! Please make this a POSITIVE thread, no negativity!!!

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    This thread looks interesting.

    Here’s a shocker - probably the Valley. Why? It’s a huge place that’s fun to explore and it is very rewarding. I like driving around with my truck and seeing all the areas and buildings. The good of it greatly outweighs the bad, in my opinion.

    A fantastic update, Supercell!
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    My town. I love the little gifts the visitors leave at the end of their stay. I will admit however there are times that I do wonder about their sanity "I had a great time here is some TnT I had in my suitcase while I was visiting you. Aren't you glad I didn't blow up your quaint little Bed and Breakfast?"
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    My favorite feature is the Town. I like to produce goods and manage their numbers so I may feed them to my visitors in exchange for BEMs, SEMs, and LEMs.

    I'm delighted when I picked up ten Townies from hoodmates and able to serve all of them without waiting for me to make the specific goods.

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    My favorite also town:
    - I 💜 each fully served townies hold a little present in their hand, queing in front of the store
    - I 💜the "Ready" Tab improvement,
    ✔ now I can collect my 9 Salesman safely without touching teacher/ grand master/ dancer next to him and lost them.
    ✔ we can set whenever we need to collect townies by their character / by the building they were ready.

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    I love my pets, especially the donkeys. They're just so silly and always make me smile.

    I also love the many little visual details in the game. You can tell it's been designed by passionate and talented humans. And I like the frogs and foxes that just pop up and disappear because they add a bit of unpredictability to the appearance of the farm, but not too much (except for those farms that are overrun by foxes!).
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    I’m not sure this fits you strict feature criteria?? But I That us Solo players can now get all the horseshoes.

    If I can’t have that then The Valley (yes it has things it need to be fixed/improved) but I love it for the added game play

    previous to that the feature that added a lot (for me) was the Town Interface, it’s SO much nicer in the Town now!

    but there are SO MANY things I about HD and mostly revolve around the fabulous graphics/animation

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    Definitely TOWN. Wish it was much larger and with many more buildings to serve.
    Town so much need more LOVE Please SuperCell

    If only the Sanctuary was a Zoo in town rather than just a "leftover" spot. Could hold so many more animals.
    And could add gameplay as well. Like bananas for monkeys, bacon for lions, honey for bears and so on and on and on...

    To me the valley makes no sense what so ever
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    I used to love Town, but now that all my buildings are max upgraded, i only do town when it is a derby task. I am looking forward to another valley season.

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