At first I didnít like stacking, but now the art of it is very challenging and fun.

And I donít usually tie up a machine, because I might collect and then just add more.
Only stacking for the bread machine making cookies was challenging one time.
Now if I stack the bread machine I will do 1 of the item I am stacking and then 1 bread, etc.

Sometimes I will buy every egg in the paper to fill my barn to stack, and then just not collect eggs for days.
This last derby I had 300 eggs ....

I am level 156, team of 26 players, about 24 play derby. Almost all of us work, so crop tasks can take us a
long time, I was trying to teach them how production and town stacking might be better for us.

We never get top 3 in champions, we play more for all horseshoes. Most of the players do not want stress.