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Thread: Looking for casual adult clan - 4 bases - TH12 (x2), TH11, TH9

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    Check out our L12 Clan. I think we would be a good match! Our recruitment thread is below. Thanks.


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    Looking for a good clan

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    We are currently recruiting active nonrushed th10+ for clan wars and CWL.

    #20RYV0GC8 Redhawk Rebels

    Clan Stats:

    Clan War Record 109-64

    CWL Status Masters I

    Second Clan- Redhawk Wars (Crystal I)

    About the Clan:

    ♥♥ - Established May 12, 2018
    ♥♥ -Have two clans to allow all members to participate in CWL (Redhawk Rebels and Redhawk Wars). Redhawk Rebels is considered the home clan and used for Th12 CWL. All lower th12-th10 go to Redhawk Wars during the week of CWL.

    ♥♥ -Clan consists of USA, Canadians, UK, BD, Australians, NZ

    ♥♥ -Highly active and freindly, war always, max clan games everytime

    ♥♥ -Discord Ready

    Clan Rules:

    ♥♥♥ -Must speak English

    ♥♥ -Participate in clan games

    ♥♥ -Donate and donate correctly

    ♥♥ -Clan War participation not necessary but preferred

    ♥♥ -CWL participation required

    ♥♥ -Be respectful

    ♥♥ -Must be active

    ♥♥ -Promotions...500 donations for elder. Co Leader is earn with demonstrating leadership qualities and participating in all events

    ♥♥ -Discord preferred

    War Rules:

    ♥♥ -Th10s attack as soon as possible when war starts.

    ♥♥ -1st attack should be a 3 star attempt on highest base your able to 3 star. 2nd attack is for clean up

    ♥♥ -Must use both attacks

    ♥♥ -Attack from bottom of the war map to the top (th10,th11,th12 in that order)

    ♥♥ -Please follow clan mail/discord for specific direction

    ♥♥ -CWL attacks will be assigned or directed through clan mail/discord

    ♥♥ -We do not tinker with war weight. We try our best to put everyone in war

    Clan Tag- #20RYV0GC8

    ***If interested or if you want more information please contact me via discord @ Meck#9587 or message privately***

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    The Reprobates were formed in 2015 and are currently looking to replace some long time members who are no longer playing. We are a relaxed group who love the game but canít commit to a hard core environment due to work, school, family....just life in general. We will also consider a merger with a smaller clan.

    What we are really looking for is TH 11 and 12 for league wars. We are accepting all TH levels as long as itís not a rushed base. With the new war leagues we would like more TH 11and above so we can compete at a higher level. We can also bring newer players along as we have a lot of experienced clashers.

    We have very few rules other than donít be an idiot and contribute some fun chat when you are on. As a bonus, we have earned max rewards in every clan games.

    If we are something you are interested in please request in game and mention the forums and AZGUY. We are an adult, English speaking clan. Please mention age and location in request. #9V8RUGQV.
    If you have purchased a base please do not request unless you have 6 months at current base level.
    Thank you

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    We are a level 11 (almost 12) war clan that is looking for new members to join us to participate in wars, CWL, and clan games. We have a very active leadership, and we also have a very active TH12 that has 2900 donations in the past 5 days. We have promotion opportunities for members who are active and committed to the clan, but they are earned, not given out.


    • TH7+
    • Must be an active and reliable player
    • Able to use both attacks in war on assigned targets
    • No donation ratios required, request as often as you like
    • Must be able to at least 2 stars bases of equal weight
    • Minimum 1000 points during Clan Games (Due to this, we always reach max tier)

    If you are interested, apply in game and mention "supercell forums"!

    Clan tag: #YVYQ8VPC

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    Hello I am the leader of Stormcloaks #80RQQUVJ.

    We are a highly active UK war based clan. We take war serious but not too serious and are always looking to expand our team.

    We have mainly th11s and 12s, most of which being retired competitive players who now use this clan as a way to relax and still rek all bases I War, so if your looking to learn stuff.. here may just be the place.

    Hope to see you soon. Mention the forums if you request in game or reach out to me, also if you have discord it would be good to chat there. Harry#0660

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    Quote Originally Posted by shport View Post
    Looking for an adults-only clan for all 4 of my bases. Canada based so North America time zones and english speaking.

    • No drama
    • Farming
    • Weekly War (not more than weekly, ok with less)
    • CWL
    • Clan Games

    Active, Good donator.

    relatively new TH12
    AQ/BK/GW 61/54/33

    TH12 getting unrushed
    AQ/BK/GW 55/50/32

    new th11
    AQ/BK/GW 45/43/17

    Sir BedPan
    Strong th9
    AQ/BK 19/18
    Hello there!!!

    My clan, "305 Spartans" recently removed some inactive and lower leveled players to try and be more competitive in Wars.

    First off, my IGN is Lord Richard, feel free to add me and I can send you the clan invite. #L2C0VPJVP

    Clan Games is always completed before the time expires by more than half of the clan getting 4k points.

    Donations also are not typically not an issue. Now we do encourage everyone to donate when possible, mostly electro dragons, giants, pekkas, and siege machines are typically asked for.

    So with that being said, a TH11+ is what the clan believes will assist us with gaining more wins in both single day Wars and the 7-day War.

    Everyone in the clan speaks English, however not everyone is from the USA. Communication among the players is never an issue.

    I look forward to having you come into the clan and what you can bring and help build as a team.

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    Hey there Shport. We are exactly that a casual clan of adults. We are international though and english speaking. I am from the USA but currently in Thailand. We war whenever there is interest just opt in or out as you wish. We do clan games and CWL but again only those that want to participate. Trying to fill up with people that still play but not with a high demanding war schedule.

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    Check out Taco Mafia! We'd love to have you! #22L0V0JRV

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    I'm from Phi Family . We are looking for Non-rushed, active adult players with good attitude and 3 star mentality to join us. We can accommodate mini accounts or any TH level as long as they meet our requirements.
    We have over 600 war wins in our main clan. We've got bags of experience in winning wars. Our ethos is and has always been to be defensively strong and offensively strong but just good at what we do. We've got some room at the moment so looking to bring in some good solid players as always. Many of our players have been together for years but we're always keen on bringing in more quality players.
    We take war seriously, in that we insist on using both attacks, full cc with max troops and choose a base that suits your ability and benefits the team. We encourage players as much as possible and try to provide an environment where we can all improve and keep up with the current META. We're patient while players grow, but we're not afraid to cut people loose if they don't seem to have the ability or attitude to get better. We fill donation requests quickly and have no restrictions on what people ask for. Hopefully you can have a look.
    Here's our discord server link if you want to know more. If interested, fill out the questions in recruitment and or send me a DM.

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