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Thread: Donation Tracker - Discord bot for managing clan and family donations!

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    Donation Tracker - Discord bot for managing clan and family donations!

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    Donation Tracker is a discord bot that was designed to make managing and tracking donations of single clans and clan families easy.

    It has 3 main features:

    1. DonationBoard - A live-updating donationboard that updates within 60 seconds of people in your clan donating. It persists across people joining and leaving, and is customisable in appearance. You can change the icon url, title and format of the board (as seen below.)

    Annotation 2019-07-29 194821.jpg
    Is an example of the top 20 players of a donation board. It is capped at 100 players, spread over 5 messages. You can customise the format to include donations, received (optional) and player name.

    2. Events Logging - When someone donates or receives a troop in your clan(s), the bot will send a log to a configured channel. This is helpful for finding out who keeps donating the wrong troops in your clan.

    Annotation 2019-07-29 195901.jpg

    Red emojis are troops received, green is troops donated. More info on the format can be found in the support server.

    3. Historical Event Info - Useful for working out how active someone has been, or when the last time they donated is. This is pretty much a "filtering" command of what gets reported from the log.

    Annotation 2019-07-29 200201.jpg
    Note - This will fetch events from the first ones ever logged for your clan (!). It is presented in a pagination view - click the arrows to go forward/backwards between pages.

    Other misc features - claim multiple clans to your server, claim players to discord users, choose which channels you wish to report event-logs to on a per-clan basis, auto claim command which leads you through claiming accounts in an interactive process and with a cool naming-matching system

    All features are and will be free, however if you think this bot is amazing and worthy of donations to support me, my time and hosting related expenses, a patreon has been set up:

    Any questions, feedback, feature requests, etc, please join the support server!

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    Centennial Club sowad's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Thank you for creating this amazing bot! Its a great addition to anyone's server and I just love it. Glad it's not like any of those general clash of clan bots.


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    Thank you!!! It served us amazingly durint the Forum Donator's Event!! Really a great addition that will help a lot the clash community!!

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    Nice toy.....we alredy had the chance to play with it at FE.
    I used to be sarcastic when I was younger ...... Now it turned to solid cynicism.

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    Super Member Night Crawler's Avatar
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    May 2015
    awesome job, was cool to see it work in live time, thanks

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    Millennial Club LordSk's Avatar
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    Just wish i had more donations to record... ����

    on a serious note, great work. I know hands on how much of a pain the API can be when testing your code, and it worked very well!

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    You know what a beast you made. Thx

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    amongst the stars
    Very well done ... I hope I'll find the time soonish to add it to our discord server. Will be nice to track stuff across our clans

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    Centennial Club RepeaterCreeper's Avatar
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    Very interesting. I'd have to take a look. Though the features listed definitely seems handy.

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    Senior Member BGClash's Avatar
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    Why dont you make it so we can see what was donated and the level of it ?

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