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Thread: What to do?

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    What to do?

    I am a fresh,very fresh th9,some stats:-walls
    45 walls lv8 and all 7;4 lvl4 air defence;managed to find good defence base,lvl6 Tesla's and all cannons lvl10 with a geared up cannon,

    I have been using laloon from the beginning,it took me from gold1 to crystal 1, it's not working here now,I am having 2500 trophies and I need the1000 gem reward for my 5th builder,I am dropped from 2500to2400 by laloon and need a solid strategy for 2-3 stars(I know 3 star is difficult here) plz suggest me a strategy for assured 3 star

    NOTE:-Not unlocked baby dragon,else all are unlocked,heroes level low so plz don't give hero-depended strategy
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    Assuming you have dragons, you can get 2* easily enough with lightning as your spell using dragons. Laloon can be riskier in terms of not getting a star if it all goes horribly wrong. It’s harder to 3* with dragons (especially vs 4 decent air defenses) but if you can take out 2 with lightning and use some strategically placed loons to aim for the other ADs 2*/3* becomes doable.
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