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Thread: Recruiting TH12's! What gives? LoL!

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    Recruiting TH12's! What gives? LoL!

    Recruiting 12's is crazy for us. What do 12's look for in a clan? I see them in very large numbers in both high level clans and in brand new lower level ones! LOL. We have come to think that growing our own is the best way to go, but that takes time. Some want leadership role asap, some don't even want Elder. LOL. Some have ego issues.

    Not looking to start a storm with this thread, but looking for suggestions.

    Just looking to see how much things like other 12's, war log, clan level, etc have to do with what you 12's are looking for in general. Obviously, we aren't a high level, super competitive, mega whatever clan.....but we recruit well and have a solid core at our main and our feeder.

    So what gives?

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    If I were to leave my present clan for whatever reason, this is what I would be doing:

    I would go to and look at clans that we had faced, look them up and ask to join. i would hit up my friends list and try to join those clans. i would search out clans that had the same mix as the clan I came from (15 or so TH12s and many TH11s and 10s). I would go to the recruitment pages to find a clan. What I would be looking for is a stable, long term clan with the right time zone and clan level as what i am accustomed to. Once there, if the leadership sucks, i leave. If the clan doesnt donate well and is dead in chat, I leave. if they let just anyone into the clan and promote willy nilly, I leave. if they try to promote me before I have earned it, I leave. If they set ridiculous clan games minimums, I leave (despite always getting 4000), I just dont like to be told what to do like a child. If clan doesnt really try in war and no consequences occur, I leave. I am a great team member and donate between 10,000-20,000 a season and as an almost full max Th12 in another couple weeks, I know the value I bring to a team so I dont have to put up with any drama or poor leadership, I can take my ball and go play in another park if I choose, there are lots of good clans out there. I didnt mention war log because it really doesnt matter, with all the manipulation that has gone on, it is mostly meaningless, what matters is are you actively trying and growing or are you losing because you are stagnant.
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    Personally as a Max TH12 I look for Activity, Clan Games easily being completed, CWL Participation & not to be the only one Donating.

    Sounds pretty obvious but it’s not as easy to find as you think. I expect to turn up New & have to show my Worth / Intentions by Donating but not when it’s an obvious Landslide of Requests with Nobody Else Bothering, especially when some don’t even have the Manners to Welcome Me or say Thank You.

    I continue to look ��

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    A th12 in Legend League is looking for 240x8x40 ClanCastle maxed war troops and if your clan has a bad donation rate, that guy isn't even going to apply to join.

    Th12s are attracted by other th12s and having a few in Legend League shows activity.

    Some clans will split up in 15-20 person chunks during CWL, buy that takes organisation.

    A good way to signal activity in a clan (besides Legend League players) is of course donation rates an Lrague shields. I usually kick everybody who does not have a League shield 36 hours into a new season.

    I don't promote "new" players and I don't add them to CWL, they do get to participate in Games and scoring full points is a good signal to send about your involvement with the clan.

    The best time to join is probably just after CWL as it gives you a number of weeks to prove yourself in the clan.

    BUT, there are millions of clans and people stick together for different reasons. Usually the best reason is mutural benefit. Maxed troops, Games and rewards, CWL.


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    From a Clan Point of View, it’s certainly getting harder to Recruit nowadays & will continue to become so in my Opinion.

    Too Many Clans & Not Enough Clashers mean some can't be as fussy as they’d like to be.

    There’s obvious different views on how a Clan is Run - Rules / No Rules, Strict / Laid Back, Donation Limits / Easy, Minimum Clan Games Points / Whatever you can manage, Active / Quantity of Players, Reliable / Hope.

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    It's hard to attract 12 without other 12s. IMHO, the siege machine is the biggest factor. Here is an example (no gold pass in this scenario). It takes 20 minutes to make a siege machine. If there are no other 12s, I have to make my own. In the meantime, the clan is looking at me to donate siege machines to them (war is bad enough, but peeps will be asking outside of war). The commitment required makes 12s look for clans with other 12s.

    The gold pass has lightened the load considerably, with the ability for a 12 to instantly donate a siege for 1 gem. Our clan has 25 12s and the siege machines get passed out like candy. My advice to you is to make a couple of 12s for donation only (level 1 offense and troops no higher than they have to be to progress. Use the gold pass to supply your siege machines and it would probably make it easier to attract and retain other 12s if all other aspects mentioned (donations, clan games, wars wins) are respectable.

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    It's hard to attract 12's even with other 12's unless the Clan is full of them. The fact is that at TH12 you are so established as a player that you have almost certainly already found a Clan or two that you like and are unlikely to join anything apart from those except a really high end Clan.

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    It just depends... For me I left a Clan that had many TH12's and I created a Clan that ONLY has 3 now. I enjoy helping the newbies level up and they are very appreciative of Max level donations unlike a Clan full of TH12's.

    Lower Clans are pressure free, offer lots of opportunities to earn loot and have fun. It just depends on what you are looking for in this game. I am not looking to be the #1 best player of all time. I just play to have fun and I enjoy helping lower level people do the same. We are super active and that is my #1 thing. I also don't like people that ruin the experience if I mess up an attack. I love to 3 star but to feel pressured to 3 star in every attack isn't fun IMHO.


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    Active Discord and maybe a family of active clans wouldn't hurt either.

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    I am in my current clan because it just so happens that two players I played with originally about 6 yrs ago also picked back up the game around the same time I did about 8 months ago. They had started a clan with their in-person friends and invited me into it. The leader was also smart (being TH10/TH11s when we all started back up) and created a siege donating very rushed TH12 - this honestly proved to be our clans most valuable assets even to this day as it allows us to focus our researches on troops because we can always get a maxed siege donated. With a majority of the clan having some level of friendly ties, we all kind of felt at home. I went in as a TH10 and am now about 75% of my way to a max TH12. We all continue to grow (of course some still quit), but in the end we all feel like a group of friends who play and enjoy the game.

    As a player with an introverted personality, if I left my current clan, I would be looking for something long-term. So, as a TH12, I would personally be looking for somewhere that I felt comfortable and appreciated playing. Siege is very important for TH12s that like to be in higher leagues and in war battles, so having a very rushed TH12 that can support in those donations is a HUGE help. It can be a burden being the only TH12 - which was me in my group for a good 2 months before the next guy caught up (other than the rushed TH12 which could only donate maxed siege). Clan level is important as well - helps with the level upgrades on donated troops so less burden on the TH12s for war donations.

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