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Thread: Looking for CWL clan

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    Looking for CWL clan

    Looking for cwl clan. Have both my main account thatís th10 (almost maxed except heroes). And my th9 account. Looking for clan that can put both in cwl.

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    You can have both in our clan or if your UK 18+ Ad infinitum. Check out the recruitment thread in sig.

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    Head over to our L12 Clan for now. We can then determine if you would stay there or do CWL at our feeder. Both of your accounts are welcome. You can have one at each if you like.


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    Hey Braylyn....if you're over 18 you could come check us out at Cheese Curds! #U99Y229L We are the second clan to our main Port and Cheese (#8ROLYUG). Once you are there we could see which clan you'd be the best fit for CWL in. We are an adult clan that has a solid core of members that have been together for a long time. We are laid back but do like to win our wars. Sense of humor is a must! If you'd like to find out more you can search our recruitment threads here on the forum.... Port and Cheese or Cheese Curds. Or you could live dangerously and just request to join! If you stop by make sure you either say that Freya sent you from the forum or have a witty request.

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    Crystal League II clan here. Pls apply on discord:

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    Next time either tell the truth or provide your player tag if you don't want to "waste your time". That's not almost maxed. #2PYGL9VJQ

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    Be sure to check us out #thebesssst .
    Clan tag: #20R2P90RY
    We war daily and are going to participate in cwl.
    We look forward to clashing together!

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    We offer a clan for anyone

    50vs events

    League Play

    Active social

    Team work

    Looking for players that need a clan. We have 20plus to choose from

    Join our discord today


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    Hi braylyn, FyreCrackers is a new clan that is looking for loyal and active members that will help the clan grow and become a level 10 war clan.

    Both of your accounts will be in the upcoming CWL if you join.

    This clan have a few accounts rushed to th12 to be able to donate seige machines and good troops to help in the wars. We also have some good players able to three star a base.

    If youíre ready to help and see this level 3 clan become a master war clan, join FyreCrackers.


    Clan: FyreCrackers
    Tag: 288VV0RG0

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    Check out Chicken's Ice. We could take all your accounts.

    Chicken's Fire and Chicken’s Ice - farming/war clans are now recruiting

    Looking for generous donating, family friendly, organized, farming /warring clans? If so, you're in luck, Chicken's Fire and Chicken's Ice are recruiting.

    We are currently recruiting active non rushed th9 and higher accounts. Must be willing to do CWL and use Discord.

    Chicken's Fire (#Y0JU9QCC) welcomes responsible players 14+ yrs with town hall 10 or higher accounts.

    Chicken’s Ice (#22QQ0QCGP) is our war clan for town hall 9 and higher.

    Parents that join can bring their children under 14, but are responsible for ensuring their children follow clan rules. The rules are minimal and are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while playing.

    Chicken's Fire: We war once a week (Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. You can opt out if you don't want to do regular wars but we do encourage members to participate. All members are required to do clan games to ensure we always get the highest tier rewards for everyone.

    Chicken's Ice: We war 3 times a week (Sunday,Tuesday and Friday) and in Clan War Leagues.

    We encourage everyone to donate.

    Players must be able to communicate in English.

    If you want more information you can contact us by email

    Clan: Chicken's Fire
    ClanTag: #Y0JU9QCC
    Clan level: 12
    Clan War League: Crystal I
    Wars: Once a week (Friday war search)
    Leader: Gudroll
    Location: International (we have members from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and elsewhere)

    Clan: Chicken's Ice
    ClanTag: #22QQ0QCGP
    Clan level: 6
    Clan War League: Gold I
    Wars: 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday war search)
    Leader: Altairus
    Location: International
    Feeder clan for Chicken's Fire for lower town hall members. You can jump to Chicken's Fire to request maximum level cc troops and spells for wars. Fire members are free to war in Ice too.

    We are a member of the Chickens United clan family.

    If you liked what you read and are interested in joining us please send a request and type "Saw the Forum Post" or similar in the invite request box.

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