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Thread: Th5 noob looking for an active clan to help me

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    Th5 noob looking for an active clan to help me

    I have only just begun coc I need a clan that's active but relaxed, helpful and can explain war and give me tactics to help me grow. Friendly talkative non argumentative adult clan. I'm 32 and male but I dont like the testosterone levels of some clans.

    I dont mind if I have to sit out of war until I am a certain th level (I haven't done a war yet) but when the times right I would like to war and be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

    If you have a home for me then post your clan info and I'll be there!

    I'm UK btw

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    Hey, come check out out clans. Our main is Ad Infinitum, UK 18+ level 12 clan. The other is Apr Finitum, a newish clan with a mix of folk, mainly UK, some US/Aus. We do have under 18s but they’re all sensible! Join out discord if you’re interested and we can chat.

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    OMG Chris! You would be perfect for our mini clan Cheese Curds! We have our main clan Port and Cheese...and our mini is Curds...(get it...cheese cheese? what can I say we are cheesy peeps!)

    Anyways...Cheese's our up and coming second clan and has all adult members. No Drama. Great attackers and it's super laid back. But we do take our wars seriously and like to win! We have an awesome little war log!!! So we can definitely help guide you in the right direction. With it being linked to our main clan there are opportunities to bounce between clans and war in both as you grow. We have a great sense of humor and if you accidentally heal the grass in an attack be prepared...we will laugh at you! check us out...... you won't find better! (I'm super partial and of course think our clans the Clan tag is #U99Y229L Be sure to say that Freya sent you from the forum....or have a witty request to join....they won't let you in if you have a boring standard request.

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    Head over to our L12 Clan for now. Info below.


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    I got you join Double Glock

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