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Thread: Make option "Relax" Valley please (easy setting button) to make it stress free

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    Make option "Relax" Valley please (easy setting button) to make it stress free

    I was exciting to learn a new feature in HD - the Valley.
    I remember the clues about the new experience will be "fun - stress free/ relaxing - cooperative".

    But after trial season & first season, sorry, I didn't enjoy it & didn't get the "relaxing" feel. It was another stressor beside Derby, Sancturay is "relax" feature one.😊

    here is why I think Valley is quite stressful:
    1. Very Limited fuel gas.
    (everyday I spin 4 spin wheel, in the morning + 20, 50, & 100 sun points).
    The road stop is very consuming, I want to pick up the chicken (who waving 'Hi' to me, so cute), but I don't have enough gas.
    I want to complete daily task (1 Delivery request) - but I don't have enough 7 gas (4 to sender, 3 to receiver).

    2. The building token is very low.
    We drive 4 gas & only get 5 blue + 1 green token just because it is a Veggie shop 😞
    For diamond in exclusive shop, player need to keep 1050 ?@blue, red & green)
    1050/20 days = 52,5 => @ 53/ days

    3. 250 chicken is too HIGH for my Valley.
    It feels like I play alone, the other collected the chicken very slow (1 chicken collected by others, max. 3. I never get "5 chicken collected by other", or " 7 chicken collected by other".

    Maybe there are thousands of players who love challenge.
    But there are also thousands players who feel frustrated with the Valley.

    I am level 87, joining big Neigborhood team (20/30 active daily player, 13/30 Derbier), 6 lobster & duck pools, 14 fishing spot opened.
    I feel collecting the sunpoints & chicken is very hard.
    How about new / low level player? (solo, lvl 35 - 50, only have 6 fishing spot)

    I have a request / idea (as a player who loved HD because it is relaxing game, less challenge person):
    How about give us an option "easy valley" in the setting?

    Easy feature might content:
    1. Less chicken to unlock exclusive shop (100 or 150)
    2. Only 1 or 2 "6 gas can" in the spin wheel.
    3. Higher token point (start from 10)
    4. Blue dot visible on map if we tap "visit 2 Fish shop" task to know where is the Fish shop from our truck.
    Sometimes it is very difficult to find the Veggie/Fish shop.
    5. Sun point:
    - max. 100 or 200, after 200, back to 20
    6. The road stop is a little bit longer than original. (or -1 gas)

    For those player (maybe higher lvl, 7 year players) who love challenge (I read in one thread someone had done 1.000 sun points task, WOW) & high target still can play the original version of the Valley , & ignore the option. Just like "enable / disable Derby"

    Thank you

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    I agree with those three problems you mentioned.

    I also don't think the clouds should reappear when you move away from an explored area.
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    I also do not think of the Valley as being stress free. It is far too large to be stress free.
    Too many dead ends. The clouds made it impossible to find certain buildings.
    The broken down truck.... who ever came up with that idea.... and the one to make fixing it a daily task. I am far too polite to say what I think of you. Just rest assured you are NOT on any good list of mine.
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    if anyone have idea/dream/ request to make Valley more relax/stress free & easier for us, please feel free to add the list number 7, 8, 9, etc.

    Any idea are welcome.

    The first season (92 🐓/250, no broken truck to be fix to complete daily task, group request building inside the cloud, the Fish shop somewhere under the cloud - maybe needed 20 gases to reach, etc) was quite stressful & sometimes demotivated me to continue exploring the Valley.

    Thank you

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    I already find the valley stress free, maybe because I did not worry about collecting chickens. Did not like the broken truck issue. When mine broke down, i simply stopped playing.

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    Thank you SC & HD team,

    The second Valley season feels like we turn on the Easy mode button 😊😅😘

    Less cloud (better than first season)
    Less road stop from one building to others
    Better tokens from building request
    Reduce chicken target for exclusive shop from 250 to 100

    Now I can play Valley more relax & happy.
    I always visit the Valley first everytime I log in, before farming

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    Why would anyone play with less rewards and extra difficulties? If 'super easy' was an option, almost nobody would play the normal version.

    I feel its not a very stressful element, cause you dont have to play.

    You can already play easy, but it means less rewards.

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