Who are we?
I am Gjallarhorn, a Co-Leader in Plushy Gang. We are a new clan created by myself and two other friends of mine with the intention of creating a fun and active clan for people to grow and enjoy playing Clash. We are currently sitting at about 12 members but we are looking for more active players willing to learn and grow.

Clan Tag : #22Y2LV2P9
Clan Level 2

  1. English Speaking Farm / War Clan
  2. War is optional but it would be nice if you warred with us
  3. Clan Games and CWL are required.
  4. Friendly and Relaxed clan chat
  5. Looking for a TH12 to help us with donations and sieges since we are lacking.
  6. Elder is earned through donations and being active.
  7. Co is earned when we feel you've been very active and helpful to other clanmates as well as efficient in wars and other events.

Most of us are TH10's who have been playing the game for a while so we know how to play the game and help those who don't.
We hope to see you all soon!