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Thread: Is it worth to upgrade to TH11?

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    Question Is it worth to upgrade to TH11?

    Hi guys.
    I'm feeling bored on my TH10.
    I wanted to upgrade only when my base was maxed but it's getting boring farming for walls and heroes...

    I have max base, except for the walls (139 to go, but all at lvl 10);
    My Heroes are at 35 each;
    My lab trops are all max, except Valk (lvl 4), Witch (lvl 2) and Bowler (lvl 1);
    My elixir spells are max, but my dark ones are not - Earthquake (lvl 4), Skellys (lvl 2) and Bats (lvl 1).

    I'm i able to manage in a TH11?


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    I would say totally go for it. I did that myself and made the game so much more fun. The point of games are to have fun and if your not having fun fix that problem. I would just say take a break from war if your not confident with attacking. Also hmu to join my clan if you want to. -WEVA

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    Your heroes are high enough to move up.

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    yes , your heroes are good enough , upgrade your th
    few book of heroes and hammers will get your heroes up quicker (which u get from cg and cwl)
    so dont worry hit that upgrade button ,
    dont worry about the loot , at th11 we can find good loot in crystal league.
    I am farming on my 2 mini accounts *th11*

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    You seem in a good position to make the jump (go ahead and upgrade, especially if your bored - its a game after all) but I might recommend showing your bowlers and witches some love. You can make due without them (depending on how you farm/war) but they really are great troops. I think you're missing out
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    Definitely go to TH11. Heroes are ok, witches and bowlers need to be upgraded asap if you war. Skip EQ altogether until you don't have anything to spend DE on (late TH12).

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    Thanks guys.

    I'll upgrade to th11.

    See you!!

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    Tell me something.

    What's the best/cheapest way to farm in TH11?


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    The answer is almost always: goblin knife.

    However if you're in a higher league, I'd recommend AC+miners, at least for DE farming.

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