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Thread: Diary of a Village Maiden

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    Diary of a Village Maiden

    Day 1

    Just moved to this village and was greeted by some green creatures. The other maidens refer to it as goblin.

    Suddenly, a cannon popped out of nowhere and begin shooting at the goblins, saving us from further shock.

    A husky sound asked us to enter the Town Hall. I followed the other maidens in, but inside was very dark and scary.

    I'm not liking this village so far.

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    Day 2

    Sleep eluded me. It truly is difficult to sleep at a place where sunlight is available throughout the whole day.

    There is no night here, and it was necessary, according to the Voice in the Town Hall.

    I still can't get over the Town Hall briefing yesterday. So much to take in, especially the clapping ritual.

    The landscape of the village had changed, just like the Voice predicted. There are more cannons now, and a tower with an archer on top, eyeing every movement within her sight.

    The barbarians in the army camp are filthy, and they don't seem to speak the normal language. We were told to stay away from these brute creatures.

    Met a builder, his name is Bart. He is a very nice guy.

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    Day 3

    My first clapping ritual. Went up to a stone, position myself in accordance to the Bearing, and clapped. 4 times, no more, no less, just as instructed by the Voice.

    I never would've thought that the secrets of the village are related to such a simple, mundane ritual. The barbarians made fun of us, mimicking our clapping. It doesn't bother me, for barbarians come and go all the time, troops are getting replaced more often now.

    Bart showed me a project that he is working on, upgrading the barracks. He said that this upgrade will enable the barracks to produce giants.

    I hope the giants are more civilized than barbarians.

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    continue please (:
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    Plz make more

    COMON dude they rock make more !

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    Reminds me of Memoir of a Geisha. They should make a movie about this village maiden.

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    I love reading these!
    Please continue! They're very clever and creative keep up the good work!
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    Day 4

    just when i started to like this place, new walls came out of no where.

    by the afternoon, the walls covered town hall. I can't go to my home now.

    I wept in the corner when Bart came up. He showed me the art to jump over walls.

    I tried and in 2 attempts, I jumped a wall. He told me that with practice, I can jump over multiple walls, I think he is kidding.

    Finally reached town hall, went inside and had some food. went to sleep wondering what the coming day may bring

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    Day 5

    I woke up this morning and ate my usual breakfast of powdered elixir. Who knew that something so vital to defense, could also be so tasty?

    The village had been attacked during the night. The battle was short; it had only lasted three minutes or so before being interrupted by the Voice. I felt inclined to follow the Voice, and ran outside to the eternal light. The invaders had disappeared entirely, and all that was left of our humble village was the Town Hall and several mysterious purple bubbles rising slowly into the sky. Soon enough however, the Voice called out and the buildings began to rebuild themselves. This village is definitely going to take a while to get used to..
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    Day 6

    The village has been safe from all attackers ever since the last attack, but I doubt if our luck will last much longer.

    Bart has improved our defenses quite a bit over the night. Another cannon has popped up, along with a new type of technology that shoots massive balls of exploding dynamite into the air. The other maidens have named it the 'Mortar', and according to Bart it can shoot even further than the village archers. It is truly astonishing!

    A new building appeared during my sleep. I am quite determined not to go inside. I performed the Ritual of Clap with another maiden earlier. She whispered to me quietly that she had seen a giant go in and it had came out many hours later, but it had been bigger, dumber, and even hairier. I had thought this impossible until several moments ago as I passed by the army camp. Those brutish giants are quite disgusting..
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