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Thread: Attack and defense log

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    Attack and defense log

    Anyone know if there's a way to export details from attack and defense log through the API?

    - Trophies of attacker and defender
    - Troops deployed
    - Resources looted
    - Trophies gained/lost
    - Destruction percentage and number of stars

    Thx in advance.

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    No, you cannot find this datas in the API.
    You can can track the trophies evolution, but you cannot determine if this is a defense or an attack.

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    You can track these through achievement progress, but it is a strenuous process and likely not scalable for more members..

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    How would you get specific troop deployed from achievements? And how would you get resource gain if you've hit achievement cap of 2 bio?

    In either case this doesn't seem possible, so for now I'll stick with manually registering attack/defense log variables.

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