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Thread: Long Bingo Tasks and appearance rate

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    My NH is also having some troubles. We've been trashing basically everything for about two days now and absolutely no olive oil tasks...

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    My Neighborhood is still hoping to see the remaining bingo tasks, also. We are doing the same amount of trashing tasks as the rest of you are. We are in the final stretch... and our fingers are crossed. Lol.

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    I dislike bingo derby for all the reasons you are stating. Occasionally we have managed one line.

    Personally i I think it needs streamlining, for example town building tasks ought to be grouped into a basket of 3/4 buildings, same with particular town visitors, group them into a basket of say strongman, dancer & teacher ...... serve a total of 9 but of any combination. This would hopefully lessen the trashing.

    i have trashed so many tasks this derby and so many times we have a board full of tasks with no bingo tasks on there.

    maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the board could be programmed to generate at least 4 bingo tasks available at all times.

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