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    Exclamation MUST READ: Have an Idea/Request/Suggestion? READ THIS FIRST Please

    The history of amoozing ideas that forum members have brought to SC's attention has been phenomenal. A HUGE amount of those past ideas are what we now see in our game every day, and many more will someday be implemented to expand and enhance this already terrific, fun, whimsical, and quirky game.

    However, there are limits to technology and what will work in the game as it's currently designed. Memory limits on even the most up-to-date and high tech device prevents some ideas from being possible at this time. The way the game is balanced prevents other ideas from being possible as they would throw that balance out of alignment severely and make some portions of the game virtually unplayable. Yet other ideas simply don't fit into the very concept of the game itself.

    When repeats of ideas and requests that are just not possible at this time push down from sight ideas that may be workable, we all lose. So the following list contains ideas and requests that, for whatever reason, are temporarily on hold.

    Threads repeating what is already on the listing will be merged, closed, and/or deleted at moderator discretion, with or without notification, to keep this section clear and tidy for ease of use by our members and SC. This will be enforced more than it has been in the past.

    Also, before posting a thread on ANY idea, please FIRST see if it's on this list and then browse the first 2-3 pages of this section. If there is already an existing thread on the idea, please add your thoughts to it rather than creating a duplicate thread. Everyone's cooperation and understanding will go a long way in helping both the forum and the game's future and will be most appreciated by your fellow forum members and SC's Development Team.

    SC's motto for Hay Day is to Never Say Never. The ideas on this list have not been permanently ruled out and may someday be added if they make sense to the game as a whole (balance, economy, gameplay, fun factor, etc.) and technical limits allow their inclusion. However, for various reasons, they must stay on the back burner for now.


    This thread is always being added to so date of thread does not indicate it's old or outdated information.

    No immediate plans, but maybe someday

    Buildings and Building features
    Greenhouse for flowers and herbs that can then be sold
    Second Dairy or Sugar Mill
    Third Feed Mill
    Additional production buildings (other than the aforementioned sugar, dairy, and feed)

    Animal/Plant/Decor features
    Seasonal trees available for purchase
    Curved hedges and path pieces

    Neighborhood features
    Special RSS bin for NH use only or locked shop for NH only
    Increase in NH members to Increase NH to 40 or 50 members
    List townies waiting to be served (and currently being served) by how much time remains
    Town tab (who has townies waiting) to show farm level on avatar
    A notation of how many townies are available for pickup
    Message/Notification Board

    Derby Features
    Including a player's derby stats in the current farm stats
    Additional, higher point task (300+) for train/town visitors

    Farm features
    Fertilizer (organic manure)
    Sprinkler system (feature - maybe to automize something)
    Feeding another farm's pets
    More land expansion
    Mining other gems from mine for use in jewelry making

    Sales/Purchasing features
    Selling decor items
    Boulders and seasonal trees for decoration purchase

    Production features
    Making expansion items (either from felled trees, ore, rocks, etc)

    Player features
    Favorite Farms tab
    Playing on other tablets or windows phone
    Search feature to find farms by farm/RSS name
    More slots for following
    More than 7 gift cards daily
    Ability to organize followers/friends in some manner
    New/additional offerings in the gift card catalog

    Graphical features
    Weather visuals (i.e. like the snow at xmas, but also rain or falling leaves)
    Adjustment to fishing spots at far right and lower right

    Neighborhood features
    List townies waiting to be served (and currently being served) by how much time is required/left for service to complete
    Town tab (who has townies waiting) to show farm level on avatar

    Ruled out for the time being

    Buildings and Building features
    Casinos or other gambling
    Separate building for expansion item storage

    Animal/Plant/Decor features
    Trees/shrubs never die

    Neighborhood features
    Implementation of an autokicking feature for inactive NH members
    Being able to see who is online in your NH

    Derby features
    Ability to collect prizes earned while in an NH even if kicked out before end of derby
    Option to buy more than one extra derby task

    Farm features
    Chopping down another farm's trees/shrubs
    Otherwise taking over another farm's responsibilities
    Floods, fires, and other natural disasters
    Plagues and locusts
    Animals attacking other animals
    Butchering of animals to gain food
    Dogs chasing/killing foxes to remove them from farm
    Harm to any animal (domestic or wild) in any way
    Alcoholic drinks
    Tom fetching expansion items
    Tom no longer takes a 2-hour nap or he's hired per fetch rather than by time period
    Tom hire to include a 3-day option
    Increase barn/silo expansions to 75 or 100 spots after achieving XXX building level

    Sales/Purchasing features
    Selling lures, lobster traps, and nets
    Selling or buying entire farms
    Selling animal or machines
    Selling back to the game machines, pens, animals, pets, pet houses
    Change wording of Trash option in RSS or remove the Trash option altogether
    Ability to change pricing of item already in RSS (i.e. lower price for quicker sale)
    Overriding the in-game set maximum price
    Retrieving or returning items already placed for sale in the RSS (cancelling sale)
    Locking the RSS to restrict access
    Sale or exchange of vouchers
    Voucher exchange (i.e. 10 greens for a blue, 10 blues for a purple, etc)
    A banking system to give out loans
    Search feature for the Daily Dirt newspaper
    Want ads

    Production features
    Altering a machine's production queue
    Removing items from a production queue or canceling production

    Player features
    Partially filling a crate
    Speedier way of scrolling through Friends/followers tab -- "page" arrows
    Ability to return to last farm visited (not one already on your tabs)
    Bonus XP, coins, or an extra voucher for filling a boat without any help
    Gifting or donation of items, coins, or diamonds
    Playing Hay Day on PC
    A diamond spending "lock"
    Triple (or more) confirmation taps for diamond expenditure
    Replacing existing popup confirmations with the Double Tap
    Turning "off" the AI visitors so they stop coming
    Remove saws, axes, dynamite, TNT, and shovels from the list of things visitors ask for
    Placing machines, pens, animals, pets, pet houses in storage like decor
    Shorten the time a farm stays on the Last Helpers Tab
    Remove the Last Helpers Tab
    On Friends Tab, the ability to start from lowest level farm

    Graphical features
    Night and day
    Removing fox graphics from the game
    Opt out button for fox graphics
    Ability to rotate buildings, decor, etc in 4 directions rather than the current 2
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