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Thread: Tired of crazy people? Slackers? So are we!

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    Only 6 spots left in our eclectic and fun hood!

    We just started our hood in July, and we only have a few spots left now. English speaking hood with members from England, USA, Australia, India, Philippines, and a tiny island in the Indian Ocean! (She didnít say the name...and we arenít nosy!) Someone is on almost all the time.
    We have advanced rapidly to the champions league, and we have worked out some new neighborhood kinks along the way. We are pretty picky about our last few spots, and moochers will not make it long here! If youíre a team player, youíll love us!
    The derby is optional, and we just expect you to meet the minimums if you opt in. We are competitive but we have a little bit of flexibility. Many of us do extra tasks, but it is not required.
    2700 points for regular derby/double for power derby
    3200 points for blossom and mystery derby
    2700 points for bingo unless youíre doing a much needed bingo task at a lower value.

    Donít join if you like complaining, stalking, or stirring the pot in general. This game is optional, and we all have lives - we would like you to have one as well! Do your part, and youíll find us to be a very generous group!

    Minimum level: 60
    Plead your case, and we might consider slightly lower. We do like helping a variety of farms develop and grow. We have many members over level 100. We also have a private Facebook group - not required, but itís a fun place to share tips.
    Game of Farms
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    6 spots available in our fun and quirky hood!

    Bumpity bump!
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    Come join us! Itís lots of fun!

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