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Thread: Fix TH9 base, kinda rushed?

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    Fix TH9 base, kinda rushed?

    How should I go about upgrading everything?

    I know army camps need to be done ASAP. Dark storage as well because right now I can only hold 50k. De storages are still lvl 1. Iím thinking of upgrading defenses to th8 level then maxing them all.

    Spells need to be upgrading as well. King is only level 5 right now.

    Please let me know if you canít see the pictures! (One shows the base in a progress layout, the other shows the profile)

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    Do you war?

    If you war, then hold off adding the xbows as long as you can, to keep your weight down. If you don’t, or only do CWL? Add them ASAP.

    For TH9 the new air defense is a biggie. It makes dragons far less reliable for killing a base. Add that, focus on teslas and traps. Wizard towers are also very powerful. Cannons, mortars and the bomb tower can all wait.

    I’m assuming you will do clan castle, army camps, barracks, dark barracks, spell factory.

    Focus on the archer queen over your BK - you will need more DE capacity. As far as troops go? There are a few out there but you want one that relies on low heroes. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there, see what you like the look of, and do a little searching.

    You may also find you can do dragloon (with L6 loons and a L6 lightning) vs weaker bases - that can be effective until you have some more troop upgrades done. A lot of the more popular TH9 strategies rely on maxed troops and big heroes.
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    Hows the farming going? I would suggest upgrading gobs. as they are really easy to farm elixir. Which will then be used for offensive upgrades. For th9 dark farming I used Loonion or giwipe. Both can farm against th10 if you become proficient with them. But the key is farming, if you are getting the hauls you are looking for, then the rest is just time.
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