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Thread: Booster fom Horseshoe Reward

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    Booster fom Horseshoe Reward

    When getting a booster from a Horseshoe reward, why it not go directly into your booster collection. Instead it went into the overflow area where you have to either swap it in or use diamonds to save it. It is already earned after playing derby all week.

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    Agreed. I picked a booster as a reward for the first time and had to pay diamonds to keep my reward....some prize, right?

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    I learned early on, always make sure you have room in your booster storage BEFORE you pick your prizes. Now I rarely pick boosters unless they are free Tom. I will make room for that one, nothing else.
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    I would love to see the change so that it would go into booster storage as a ‘purchased’ booster. And I was very happy that the boosters I received in the Valley went in at ‘no charge’.
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