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Thread: Opt In/Out Selection for Valley Season

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    I am super active in the valley, but collect no chickens. Not everyone thinks they are of any value. I am presently sitting on 53 fuel, but will not spend one to pick up a chicken in the spot next to where i am presently parked. If they did away with truck breakdowns, i may consider it, but right now it is not worth the risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayfield View Post
    If you were inactive the last season it should be closed to you the next season. There should also be a "No thanks for this season" button you can click. The valley should be a mix of solo, small and large neighborhoods so that it is even.
    That wouldnt be entirely fair either though... but I really dont have a solution to offer so not sure what can be done. I‘d say a lot of players will decide not to collect chickens at all in the 3rd season if they havent managed to reach the target in the first two and/or dont have the fuel to collect so many tokens-esp lower lvl players, who are more likely to find things they still need in the normal shop.

    What can be done? 100 chickens is perfectly reasonable for whats sposed to be a team effort-even a handful of active players can achieve that.
    Maybe an option to play solo with a lower chicken target and no group orders?
    Or as someone else suggested have two exclusive lvls that open at different chicken counts, maybe even three–at 50, 100, 200! Keep everyone happy
    Or make it possible to opt out of chicken collecting altogether at the beginning when you first enter the valley and put those people together...but that wont solve the issue of inactive players...
    And I def think some way of communicating would help...

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