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Thread: Delivery Quest

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    Delivery Quest

    I read a little bit of talk about this on another thread, but I canít find it now.

    I need to do a Delivery order for my final quest today, but with the fuel being so hard to come by I donít want to drive miles looking for a place with a delivery if I can identify a building by sight. Also, obviously, Iíve tried all the ones near enough to show me what they want (ordinary orders unfortunately!).

    I see some boxes outside some buildings, but I thought they were probably just decorative rather than an indication they have parcels they want delivering.

    So has anyone more observant noticed anything that differentiates buildings that have parcels they need delivering?

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    I think those are the delivery ones.... but if you tap on it, it will tell you it needs it delivered and a bunch of little dots appear to show you where it goes.... make you have enough golden fuel to deliver it.

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