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    Shield and legends

    Trying to get my head around how the new legends shields work. If I use all 8 of my attacks ASAP on legends day.. buy a one day shield will it protect you from defenses the remainder of the day ?

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    No, the shield won't go into effect until the next day at which point you also won't be able to do your 8 attacks for the day either.

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    As stated above, the shield will not take effect until the next league day. Its a pretty confusing system which I susepect they might make a little more clear in the future.

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    The only reason to get a shield in legends is if you think you won’t be able to get your attacks in the next 1-18 days below 5200, or 3 days above 5200.
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    Nope 😂 if it was like that then everyone would buy a shield and prevent getting hit 8 times for a day

    It's like that, If you buy 1 day shield today it will be activated next day (League Day Starts at 11am HERE) which will prevent you getting hit 8 times a day and also preventing you hitting others 8 times a day.

    I don't know what happens if you decide to remove shield next day, It's probably the same like when you buy a shield

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    I bought one for my vacation. I did my eight hits for the day and bought the shield, went into effect the next day. I really like the feature and the price seems fair, as is the cool down length.

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    If you want to attack, you must defend.

    You can not cheat this simple system :-)


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