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    No Shovels of Obstacles. ☹️

    I haven't had any in the trader for a while either. They seem to be drying up. 🤔

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    I forgot...
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilEmpire View Post
    July 22-26 is only five days. The Clan Games are supposed to last for six days.
    It’s late in Helsinki on a Sunday evening... unless BigD is travelling (thanks for posting ).
    But indeed, I’d assume they end on July 27th.

    Thanks for the nice rewards

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    I'll probly go with the RoBE due to battle machine and star lab benefit and RoD on all alt. BoB on main for BB.

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    Will just take gems. BOB and runes are not of much value to me. BOH, BOF and BOE are the big rewards.

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    Nice rewards ❤❤❤ Tnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemann8478 View Post
    A little surprised they didn't offer any research potions; not that I would necessarily choose it, but considering they are still "new" to the game, I thought they would offer 1 or 2.
    Agreed, with 4 out of the 6 tiers being predominantly potions, excluding the newest one is a bit odd.

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    I’ll snag the RoDE, but will just save it I suppose

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    Why builder runes?
    I don't want choose them.

    But RoDE is awesome. Thanks to SC.

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    Clan Games are becoming 2-3 hour grind for everyday. Hope chinese owners understand sooner its a game to enjoy not a job.

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    Clan games

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Here ya go, you hungry Clashers.

    Date: 7/22 - 26
    Max points per player: 4000


    Tier 1: 3000
    Rewards: Hero Potion (x1), Elixir (30%), Gems (x60)

    Tier 2: 7500
    Rewards: Dark Elixir/Resource Potion (50%/x1), Power Potion (x1), Clocktower Potion (x1)

    Tier 3: 12000
    Rewards: Gold (30%), Resource Potion (x1), Gems (x80)

    Tier 4: 18000
    Rewards: Elixir (60%), Training Potion (x2), Builder Potion (x1)

    Tier 5: 30000
    Rewards: Rune of Builder Gold (x1), Rune of Builder Elixir (x1), Gold (70%)

    Tier 6: 50000
    Rewards: Rune of Dark Elixir (x1), Book of Building (x1), Gems (x150)

    Boosted Tasks:

    • Builder Battle Destructor
    • Mortar Mauling
    • Wizard Tower Warfare
    • Destroy Bomb Towers
    • Elixir Embezzlement
    • Dark Elixir Heist
    • Gem Heist
    • Unguarding the Posts
    • Fireman On Duty
    • Giant Problem
    • Star Collector
    • Pile of Victories
    • Lord of Destruction
    • Builder Battle Destructor
    • Eagle Artillery Elimination
    • Elixir Pump Elimination
    • Elixir Storage Raid
    • Destroy Air Sweepers
    • Destroy Air Defenses
    • Destroy Barbarian King Altars
    • Destroy Archer Queen Altars
    • Destroy Grand Warden Altars
    • Gold Grab
    • Winning Streak
    • Giant Problem
    • Breaking Glass
    • Exotic 11s
    • Terrific 10s
    • Noble 9s
    • No-Magic Zone
    • All You Need is War
    • Super Pekka Smash-Em-Up
    • Shocking Turn of Events
    • Battle Blimp Boogie
    • Building Breakdown
    • Wall Whacker
    • Building Boom Boom
    • Wall Wipe Out
    • Sudden Stars
    If the Clan games realy are 4 days, there should be quests with a lot of points.

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