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    Quote Originally Posted by ClashPirate View Post
    Does that mean Darian can be banned by a Forum Moderator?

    Since forum moderators have the power to ban forum members, I'm speculating that the Mod Squad may ban anyone including Darian.

    I don't see the above scenario happening because forum moderators are trusted the most by Supercell staff. But in the unlikely event a forum moderator were to go rogue, turn to the Dark Side, and send a Supercell staff to banned camp, there are systems in place to address the insurrection per Mod sneakymaori.

    July 23, 2019
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    What the hell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClashPirate View Post
    If mods have their own opinion, it's highly unfair!
    Maybe they should take decisions by consulting other mods.
    A suggestion. ..
    What is unfair about us having opinions? Or expressing them? I don't think many of us would have accepted the moderator roles if it meant we could no longer post out opinions on the forums.

    We take decisions based on the rules of the forums. And we always try to be objective in that, though we are humans, not robots, and the forum rules are written in English not maths, so are also at times open to interpretation.

    I have has some quite strong disagreements with people on the forums, but have never given an an infraction or warning because of that.
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    How do I become a mod? ( I know what you will say now. ...)

    Well, let's try again. ...

    How do I become a game specialist

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClashPirate View Post
    How do I become a mod? ( I know what you will say now. ...)

    Well, let's try again. ...

    How do I become a game specialist
    Try reading the top pinned post in this sub-forum?

    Handy link to the relevant bit
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