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Thread: Is it acceptable (yet) to spend money on this game?

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    I have spent real money on this game as its normal to spend money on a hobby and I am proud to be supporting the game I love.
    Without us who pay, the game would exist.

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    Personally I am proud of being a F2P player. However I'd never berate those who spend money on the game.

    I love this game and have many, many hours of enjoyment from it. I'm immensely thankful for those who pay for the game, without you there would be no game.
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    I tend to not get along with people that are fanatical about anything as it usually means they're unwilling/unable to consider any other view points.

    I've spent money on this game and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that decision, lol.

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    I'm a collector of special obstacles

    My first purchase was the exclusive "snowman" that was offered for $5 last Christmas.
    It felt good to support the game with a small purchase after playing the game for 3 years

    Bought all the Queen skin passes so far majorly because of the skin and not the incentives.

    Not a fan of P2W modes but I like to make non-progress purchases as a collector and to thank the developers for all their hardwork.

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    I have no idea what I have spent...lots. definately wont let the missus see the apple id purchase history lol. But I have loved it. Imo the gold pass should be rebadged 'utterly awesome diamond pass' and no matter which way you cut it, it is the best $8 AUD I spend a month on entertainment. And I get to use it all month. The price of a return train ride to work. 2 cheap coffees. Half a maccas Angus burger meal. 25% the cheapest game of golf around.

    Now I have a max main village. Just need to weigh it up for builder base. But still it will be tough to beat. Even at a useable 5 times rather than 20 times value.

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    I haven’t spent a single penny on this game and I am proud to admit it!

    that penny had a lot of friends!
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    it'd be funnier if the thread title was: Is it acceptable (yet) to spend money on, anything?

    imho I think it's fine to spend money on the game, moderately, like anything else in life. From a business point of view however, both F2P and P2P are important. The larger amount of F2P players build the player base and P2P players generate revenue. Having a perfect balance of those two makes a company worthy of billions. Sincerely job well done SC!

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    Well I have never understood why anyone would be proud to be F2P. Just as I do not understand why anyone would be proud to be a paying member: Both add their value to the game after all. The only difference is that the F2P player needs more patience to get maxed. It is not harder, it just takes longer.

    Myself I have spent money, though not much. Before the gold pass I was around 85 euro over a 3 year time period, so no big spender. Since the gold pass came out, I have bought it every month: the perks are simply too awesome to skip.

    So to answer the question: it has always been acceptable. I know people spending more per month then I have spent during the entire game, and I know people who have never spent a dime. Both are completely acceptable. Clash needs both type of players after all.

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    I was f2p for a few years. The gold pass was the clincher for me. As previously said $8au a month is cheap for the rewards offered.
    i spend a lot of time playing this game so why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willow6233 View Post
    I was f2p for a few years. The gold pass was the clincher for me. As previously said $8au a month is cheap for the rewards offered.
    i spend a lot of time playing this game so why not.
    I've been F2P for years too and the Gold Pass is just too good of a deal to pass up, when I have things to upgrade.

    It's been a while since I've been "accused" of being a gemmer, but it happens.


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