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Thread: Is it acceptable (yet) to spend money on this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordSk View Post
    So they came to your doorstep with goons that forced you to buy gems for the builder base? They probably are plenty people who spent money/gems there, but forced?

    Wrong comparison, as they did not stop giving away free stuff, they just added the option to get even more free stuff for a few bucks. Clan games, events and CWL medals are still there and free as always.

    Duped in what way? Did they not get what they payed for? I do know I have been buying the gold pass since introduced, but I do not feel duped. They introduced a package that was worth the money for me, and apparently many others.
    I know, obviously you don't.
    Nice example!
    Thank you.
    I used to be sarcastic when I was younger ...... Now it turned to solid cynicism.

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    Frankly, no one should be "shaming" people for spending money.

    Frankly I think that SC has done an amazing job at creating a game where you can move high up the game by paying or not paying. Yes, paying is faster, but overall not that much faster (depending on what you are paying for). I think that this balance is extremely hard to achieve. I mean think of what is needed for a game to last.

    1. Needs to be fun/challenging
    2. Needs to keep your interest/creativity/updates (mobile games are often fun/challenging for a few months and that's it)
    3. Needs to lots of players (very hard for a P2W game)
    4. Needs to make money

    Most games can do atleast #1. Popular ones often can do #1 and #3 or #1 and #4....but fail at #2. The good games can do #1,#3,#4. I do not know of too many than can do all 4.

    I know I didn't pay for a long time (until my first account was TH10). At the time I wasn't sure how long the game would most mobile games fade away. The TH 10 pack at that time was just too good to pass up.

    Now I've played so long that I almost feel I need to pay some almost as a thank you for all of the fun I've had. I know I'll get the Gold Pass with my main once TH13 comes out, and a gold pass with my TH9 once I go to TH10. I just got a gold pass with my 2nd TH12. I may have spent all of $30-$ to be honest, that's not enough considering how much I've played/enjoyed the game. At the very least...look at it like tipping. Do you have to no, but if someone gives you great can you not?

    So if you want to pay and thank SC for the all means... If you want to keep your f2p all means....just be grateful that you have the opportunity to do just with most games you won't.
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    I can aford to buy stuff in game, I buy monthly pass on a monthly basis as it.s really inexpensive, I sometimea buy runes, but I feel like it's still not an investment and I feel overwhelmed by the good offers... but I just don't justify buying 2-3 ofers of 10-20 euros a month, thats make it really expensive for a game, And sometimes I feel "forced" to buy some stuff as it's 6x value, I have the feeling like other players are buying it and I need to stay competitive.

    And this feelings honestly slowly making me not buy anything anymore as I feel like the game became too gridy with the ofers, is like stresing me out with the ofers screaming "BUY ME"

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    It always has,and is acceptable to spend money on this game if you wish. And always will be. Don't let a bunch of strangers tell you otherwise.

    Are there better ways (more efficient or productive) to spend your hard earned? Of course!

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    OP - what does it really matter what others think around whether one spends genes or not; of course there are the purists who take pride in not spending money on the game and others who spend a little, a bit more and alot. In the end one should spend or not spend as they see fit and stay away from any discussion around gem spending for the sake of sanity and argumentative positions/trolling adopted by some.

    Do I care if others deride my spending of gems to progress in the game: no. Do I care if others spend no gems to progress in the game: no. The only thing to add is that SC has done an admirable job in providing opportunities (eg rewards) to progress w/o the gem spending that would have been required several years ago.
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    I am a little surprised by this thread.
    i would have thought those that dont pay would be more shamed. But, the game is Free to play, Pay to prosper.

    Like pb913 I feel obliged to at least put something into the coffers.
    Not a lot.. used to be a few gems, now its the season pass.
    But, since I spend hours either playing, or on forum, it is a pittance considering they are providing the platform for my down time entertainment.
    It wouldnt keep the lights on for long, but if plenty are doing likewise, then those on a free ride should be grateful, not scorning them.
    Without the payers, the servers shut down.

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    i spend about 30-40$ per month

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordSk View Post
    You dirty gemmer!

    There you go.
    LOL, with my 30M+ Heroic Heist, peiple usually accept that I might not have bought my way to a maxed th12 :-)


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    I used to spend. Maybe $5 for Gold Pass. Maybe $10 or $20 for a pack that had value.

    Not anymore. But for my own reasons.

    This game really is a microcosm for a lot of things in the world: Capitalism (those who do more get more) in a Keynesian economy (a closed, centrally controlled, soft socialism (redistribution) system).

    Then you have the socialist model of claiming *they* drive the economy (from Bolsheviks to Che Guevara to Bernie Sanders to F2P) while those with wherewithal to run the economy are "evil 1%-ers" who somehow "cheated" their way to the top using money. (Never mind hard work, talent, intelligence, return on capital investment, and, yes, luck -- they "cheated" because they got more than me!)

    It's a way for the have-nots, will-nots, and do-nots to take on an egotistical superiority no matter what form it takes inside or outside the game.

    I go by the mantra: Time vs. Money. Those with time don't need to have as much money. Those with money don't need to take as much time.

    Whether it's a job or fixing your car. You are always in a trade-off between time and money. "Value" is often a matter of how much time or money you save in relation to the other.

    It has always been acceptable to spend money on anything (legal) you want to. CoC or any other hobby included.

    The socialist mooches (including the global elitist f2p > p2progress faster) are always going to stigmatize the producers as "greedy, evil cheaters" who ruin the system -- never giving a moment's thought that the system wouldn't exist in the first place without the producers.

    I laugh at their ignorance and elitist mentality. Tell them to talk to me when they move out of Mommy's basement.
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    No. Gemmers are losers.

    I got all my hero skins playing 100% F2P!
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