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Thread: Email isnt recognised and base wont load

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    Email isnt recognised and base wont load

    I just got a new phone. Loaded the game and tried to get my account on line but its saying the email Ive used for 5 years isnt recognised with supercell. Im a max TH12 and never had an issue before. Supercell take ages to respond and I dont really know whats going on. It says the device detects my base but when I put my email address in for the code it the comes through on email saying g theres no associated account. What do I do?

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    have you saved your village with supercell id?
    have you tryed the old login method (gplay/gamecenter id)?
    have you used the correct email account and the correct writing? exsample → for scid @gmail and @googlemail are complete different → if you use the wrong ending you will get an email telling you no scid associated.
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