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Thread: Match making in builder base

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    Match making in builder base

    Does anyone know if the match making system was changed with the update and addition of BH9. I never get anything but BH9 on my BH9 account no matter if my trophies are at 4500 or 3500. My alternate account has a brand new Bh8 and it mostly matches to BH9 accounts. Not exaggerating in past 20 battles the new Bh8 has only matched with 2 Bh8, its at 3500 trophies. Thanks for any input.

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    Im unaware of any changes to matchmaker but anythings possible. My guess though is that there just arent that many BH8s anymore. Most players rush so it makes sense that more and more BH9s will be seen at lower and lower leagues as the season progresses.

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    My accounts that are in the 3000-3200 range are still finding a lot of BH8s. My accounts in 3200-3400 are seeing a lot more BH9s. I think you're just seeing a natural effect. Before the update, everyone in the 3000+ range was BH8s. After the update, virtually all of them upgraded to BH9.

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