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Thread: More Sets Of Troops

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    A really cool idea I thought about was more sets of troops in barracks. It's just like builder huts but you'll have barrack sets where you start out with two then spend gems on more sets. They will go all the way up to five just like builder huts. It would make raiding more efficient and people wont have to wait a long time. You can cook up a lot of troops then go to bed and wake up ready to fight.
    The way to buy them will be exactly the same as builder huts. Third one will be bought out for 500 gems. Fourth one will be bought for 1000 gems. And the last one, 2000 gems.
    Another way to make it a little different than builder huts is make each barrack one set of troops (Yah gotta buy it obviously). It would make it more special and if you do that you'd like to see the difference between a normal barrack and one with the extra troop set just add bags of gems around it or something similar so you would know which one is the one you purchased with gems.
    Please consider this idea, it would be a really nice/cool thing to add in the next update to this amazing game.

    And also a special thanks to Thomas for reaching out to me and telling me about this thread, didn't realize I could post here! - Women Pleaser (I know..."What's with the name". It's a weird joke name with my clan).

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    Well I thought to read it all out to try to understand what you said but really I couldn't understand.

    If you want troop houses for storing additional army then it's possibly not comming.

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