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Thread: REQUEST : 45 vs 45 CWl

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    REQUEST : 45 vs 45 CWl

    There are some clans which are nearly full. ....and the members of these clans lament that they are not included in cwl ( especially in lvl 15 + clans ).

    I think adding 45 v 45 would be a great idea.
    45v45 is better than 50v50, since it will be a loss if a player leaves the clan or is kicked out.
    With 45v45, there will always be 5 back up reserves in case the clan needs it.

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    no its not a great idea.its a trash idea. obviously not thought of
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    Honestly until they start adding more Bonus batches to leagues greater than 15 its always going to be more advantaguious to run multiple smaller teams.

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