Crooked Cowboys (#P98GVGUU) is an active, mature, and collaborative clan warring twice a week, participating in CWL, and maxing clan games.

  • Always max clan games and each member contributes their share
  • War twice per week, usually avoiding weekends, because LIFE
  • Participate in CWL
  • Active Members and Donations
  • 315 War Wins
  • Mostly adult clan
  • Actively utilize Discord for communications and ongoing development of attack and defense resources in progress
  • Supportive and encourage improvement
  • Ranks are earned; Elder donations 1000 in and out, plus tenure. Co to include leadership, tenure, trust, and more.
  • Restructured June 2019
  • English speaking

  • Near-max TH9-TH12 with appropriate Hero levels, TH9 25/25, TH10 30/30, TH11 40/40/10, TH12 50/50/20
  • No rushed bases, troops, or royals
  • Use both attacks in war
  • All Heroes must be up or your war badge must be RED
  • Follow War Strategy and assignments from war leader
  • Willing and able to use Discord
  • Supportive and encouraging

If interested, apply via discord at