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Thread: war Tag?

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    war Tag?

    I just started tinkering with the API. I see other applications that can return information about a clan's recent CWL performance. I'm assuming this is coming from "/clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag}"? ...though right now, I'm stuck on what to pass in as a "warTag". Any hints? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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    You get that from the bottom of the league group results.

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    thanks. i'm gathering from the uri and the "not found" response i'm seeing that the clan would need to "currently" be in a cwl war when i request? would the clan also need their war log to be public in order to see data about current cwl performance?

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    To see the CWL data, the clan don't need to have her warlog public.

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    As Bourrin says, the log can be private for CWL, but the clan does need to be in a current CWL to get the list of war tags. Or at least they need to not have started regular war after cwl. As long as they dont war search and cwl is still visible in game then the group can be accessed
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    If a clan start a regular war after the CWL, you can scan the others clans of the same league group to retrieve the war tags. You have a chance on 8 to get the data again, thank SuperCell for this easy to use API ^^

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