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Thread: Tall Grass Designing Software

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    Tall Grass Designing Software

    I am an amateur software developer who also loves to play Clash! You probably noticed that Tall Grass that grows around the barbarian head statues. Using your buildings and decorations, you can force the grass to grow in a certain way and make art designs on your Builder Base.

    I got this idea from one of Galadon's videos. It gave me the idea to design a simple but useful software for this exact purpose. I wrote a program in Python that can help you plan a design using the 50 squares of grass available on the Builder base. It helped me make cool grass designs on my two Clash of Clans accounts. Basically, my program gives you a blank grid on which you can place grass tiles.

    I am very happy to have created a software that can be a benefit to others. You can view more details and download my program at Since I am an independent amateur developer, the EXE file has no digital signature, so don't be alarmed if Windows thinks it is malware.

    Please reply here if my software was of any use to you!

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    Call me old school, but I used graphing paper and a marker to create my grass design. Lol

    But kudos on your efforts and perhaps it’ll help a few people out!

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