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    Wasnt a huge fan of valk skin from the start. Got the gold pass anyway (love the boosts) and have to say, the skin is great functionally. Just did a war hit wherein I had to relocate my AQ quickly (she walked on me...). The red was like a beacon . I can see myself keeping her dressed as a valk even if SC releases a good AQ skin (pekka-king only one I really like tbh).

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    I think it's the best skin so far - some older devices render the skins with less detail though I believe - the red hair is easier to spot mid attack and zooming up close you can even see her eyes are blue.

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    Bug in the Skin of the Valkyrie Queen

    Something that is being widely commented and spoken by clash of clans players and the clash of clans community is about the new Valkyrie Queen skin in which some bugs were found in her, a bug found in this skin is that the right arm of the Queen Valkyrie is bugged inside her x bow, and the other bug is in relation to the hair color of the Queen Valkyrie, because the color of the Queen Valkyrie's hair is in a red tint, not orange according to the proposal and the photo of the skin disclosed officially by Supercell, the hair color of Queen Valkyria is not in the same color and tonality as the hair of the Valkyrie troops, these bugs have generated a lot of criticism regarding this skin.

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    Hope SC will also introduce pekka queen skin soon. Pekka king skin is great.

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