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    Quote Originally Posted by TiaRox View Post
    Ive started a qw then wondered where the hell my queen was.......
    I think this has happened to all of us at some point haha
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    at your base.
    Donated my 1 rage 2 Freeze, went in with 2 heal 1 rage 2 jump 2 Poi (1 less spell space) in my qc+miner raid,
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    I had a queen walk army built and forgot my Queen was upgrading, had to utalise it and did a bowler walk instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenz98 View Post
    I once planned a queencharge Lalo attack in clanwars and after I already started the attack and placed the queen I realized that I forgot to train healers.
    And I was wondering before why I had such an unusual amount of balloons for a qc Lalo ^^

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    Meant to switch to the builder base earlier to do a clan challenge but ended up attacking in multi with half an army and no heroes. Wasn't paying enough attention and paid the price for it. 49% 1 star lol.

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