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Thread: Compost Piles - an enhancement to crops!

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    Compost Piles - an enhancement to crops!

    Hey there! Ever get bored of watching tomatoes or strawberries grow? Or get sick and tired of looking through an underwhelming Daily Dirt? Maybe frustrated at low silo space? Well, my idea could help to resolve these problems!

    The solution to fix these issues: a Compost Bin!


    * By adding crops to the Compost Bin, and waiting a small chunk of time while worms turn them into Compost Piles, you can produce an item with the ability to speed up your crop's growing time by up to 50%!


    * To begin, you first need to purchase the Compost Bin from the Animals Homes tab of the shop. Ideally, it would take up a 2x2 space on the farm.

    * Once the Compost Bin has been purchased and placed on your farm, begin adding crops to it. The Compost Bin has a capacity of 100 crop units, and is not able to be upgraded. By tapping the Compost Bin, a side menu will appear, allowing you to add crops to the bin. ALL CROPS ARE WORTH 1 UNIT, REGARDLESS OF GROWING TIME. Because of this, players will more likely add crops that are faster growers, like wheat and corn, than super slow, like strawberries. This can help reduce the amount of easy-to-grow crops in the Daily Dirt, as they will probably be used in the production of Compost Piles.

    * Once you have crop units in the Compost Bin, all you need now are some worms! You can purchase up to 10 of them from the Animals tab of the shop. Like all animals, once you buy them, they stay. They are not able to be named.


    * To make 1 Compost Pile, it will take 1 worm, 10 crop units in the Compost Bin, and 5 minutes. So, the more worms you buy, and the more crops you add, the more Compost Piles you will receive! Note that if you have 10 worms and 100 crop units, 10 Compost Piles can all be produced at the same time, so you'll get 10 Compost Piles in 5 minutes if you have the Compost Bin full and all worms purchased. It is not 1 item at a time like machines are. Once a Compost Pile is done being produced in the Compost Bin, it is then AUTOMATICALLY transferred over to the Compost Crate, the storage system that is connected to the Compost Bin (maybe on the side of it?) The Compost Crate (I will refer to it as CC) will have a max storage level equal to the TOTAL NUMBER OF FIELDS YOU HAVE PURCHASED, multiplied by 5. For example, I am a Level 91 player and have 120 fields, my current max. So, my CC max would be 600 (120 times 5.) Now, let's say that I have only purchased 110 fields at my current level. Now, my CC max would only be 550 (110 times 5.) Again, the game would multiply by 5 your PURCHASED field count, not the AVAILABLE field count.

    * Here's the fun part: using the Compost Piles! To utilize them, first plant a crop. For example, soybeans. They normally have a growing time of 20 minutes. If you need some soybeans quickly, try using some of your Compost Piles! Once a field is planted, tap it again. On the left of the progress bar, there will now be a button with a Compost Pile image and a plus button. By tapping it, you add 1 Compost Pile to the field, and make the crop grow 10% faster. Now the soybeans will only take 18 minutes to grow! Tap the button again, and another 10% of the time will be taken off, getting us to 20%. Now only 16 minutes! Repeat the process 3 more times until WOW your soybean plot is done growing in only 10 minutes, half of the original time!

    * This method works on trees and bushes too! However, it only works per harvest. For example, trees and bushes have 3 harvests, with an optional 4th with some help. To speed up the entire growth cycle to only 50% of the time, you will need to tap the button 5 times for each harvest. Tapping it 20 times when you first plant it won't do anything, sorry. It needs to be done during each individual harvest.


    * Speeding up only 1 field, tree, or bush will not do all of them of that kind. With our soybean example, if you plant 10 soybean fields, you need to add 5 Compost Piles to EACH field. Adding 5 to one field won't change the growth time for the other 9 soybean plots. This logic is similar to trees and bushes. IN ORDER TO SPEED UP GROWTH, YOU NEED TO ADD COMPOST PILES TO EVERY SINGLE FIELD / PLANT, NOT JUST ONE OF THE KIND.

    * Compost Piles, when used on a field, tree, or bush, do not carry over. If you harvest the soybeans, and then choose to plant tomatoes, the Compost Pile's effect does not stay and cut the tomato's growing time in half. You will just need to make more Compost Piles and add more to the tomatoes! Again, for trees and bushes, once they are cut down and you place another one in the same place, the effect does not carry over.

    * When the Compost Crate is completely full, you won't be able to begin producing more Compost Piles until there is room available. Sorry to all the players who stack items, the Compost Bin won't work like that. So please use it up, your worms will get bored if they aren't creating more! (Make them sleep like Tom does when not in use!)

    * Compost Piles are not able to be sold in the RSS, be traded through the birdhouse, or asked for in any visitor, truck, boat, town, valley, etc. requests.

    Well, that was a lengthy explanation! I hope it is understandable, and if you have any comments or questions, drop them down below! I really do see the possibility of something similar to this being added in the game!

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    Love this idea.

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    Great idea and explained well.
    Five minutes to produce a pile of compost seems a bit quick though. I think a longer production time will suit the balance of the game better.
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    What a lovely idea and so well thought out as well!

    i would love to name the worms, though...





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    Haha WP. I named my hippo Wiggles, because he wiggles when he dances!

    Love this idea, OP. I’m not a stats person, and Idk how all this would affect the game balance, but you’ve thought it out and explained it really well. Hopefully they’ll consider adding it at some point!

    Thanks for the pretty kitty, Icey!
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