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Thread: Lvl 3 bowlers or lvl 4 witches?

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    Lvl 3 bowlers or lvl 4 witches?

    New th11, which of the two should i upgrade first?

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    Hammer one then use de on the other?
    I'd do bowlers first, but that's my opinion.

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    Let's break down some numbers to clarify this.

    Witch 4:
    +20 dps (+50 from skeletons)
    +40 hitpoints (+60 from skeletons)

    Bowler 3:
    +10 dps (+3.33 dps approx every third bounce hits something meaningful)
    +40 hitpoints

    An average BoWitch consists of
    15 Bowlers
    6 Witches

    The total gain then is:

    +420 dps
    +600 hitpoints

    +200 dps
    +600 hitpoints

    Let's look at some things that are more difficult to quantify:
    Skeletons usually die a lot or get stuck on walls or w/e. If their effective dps drops below 13.33 (that is they're up and hitting buildings less than about 1/4 of the time) witches are worse than bowlers.
    Witch hitpoints (including skeletons) has the potential to be more constant during a fight where bowler hitpoints without healing is essentially a fixed budget that can only go downwards during a fight.
    Bowlers tend to be sent into base cores which mean two things: they die a lot more and they get raged a lot more, where witches tend to neither die a lot or get raged a lot.
    Bowlers can be used for other strategies whereas witches tend to, presently, only be used for bowitch at TH11.
    While the basic numbers don't really reflect this, I'd say the potential gain of bowlers could be higher than witches.

    In short I'd say bowlers first.
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    Think about your attack. What is typically used to take out eagles? Whatever it is max that first. Id use a blimp with loons in it but thats just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeldagod14 View Post
    What is typically used to take out eagles?
    Queen charge

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