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    InactiveWarrior #J88PGQRL | Recruiting | Active Members | Back2Back Wars | CWL & GC

    Hey Guys, Recruiting active members Who Would Like To Join, We Are A Level 3 Clan Trying To Grow.


    - Must Use All War Attacks.
    - Must Have A 2:1 Donation Ratio.
    - Mature Enough To Not Start Drama.
    - TH 7+ Members Who Have Drag Unlocked.
    - Must Have Clan Castle Troops When Attacking In War No Matter How Easy The Base Is.

    Now What I Have To Offer To You Guys And Why You Should Join?

    - I'm Active Almost All Day.
    - I'm Experienced With All Town Hall Levels, And Can Teach Weak Attackers How To 3 Star.
    - I Donate 24/7 And Have High Level Troops (I'm A Th 12).

    How To Apply To Join?

    - Send A Picture Of Your Home Base And Your Account Profile.
    - Must Have At least 5 Thousand Troops Donated If a Th 7,Ten Thousand As A Th 8.Twenty Thousand As A Th 9. and th 10+ Forty Thousand and Above.
    -War Stars Need To Be At least 100
    - League Doesn't Matter As I Find It More Effective To Loot The Lower You Are (I'm In Crystal Myself)
    - Type Your Age And In Game User Name

    Discord Server To Apply To Join:
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    Clan Games Started Guys, Join So We Can Max Out Rewards!!!
    TH 6+ ONLY!

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