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Thread: Why so less storage?

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    Why so less storage?

    Why is the storage so small, it becomes pointless to play when all the builders are busy and storages are full. It should be at least 70-80% more. A single upgrade costs about 90% of storage space in some instances, there should be more space so that more resources can be gathered for next few upgrades.

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    This is called "builder management". You need to learn to spread out your builders so that by the time your storages are full, a builder will soon be free.
    Also, you can use builder potions.
    Clash is a free-to-play game and by limiting how much storages hold and how long upgrades take, one might buy/use gems, or buy an offer from the shop, etc.
    This is how SC makes their money.

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    There are upgrades which cost 100% of storage capacity.

    You issue is that resouce gains (how much acquired per day) vastly exceeds consumption of those same resources. Hence the "problem" of having full resources, unable to consume (spend down) waiting for a builder, or the lab, to become free.

    Even if capacities were doubled, or tripped, that state would still occur! As long as a player gains more per day on average than the spend per day on average, stores will by definition reach full capacity at some point in time.

    Look at the positive side. Which is better, to be glutted (have more than which can be spent), or a state of famine (never having enough)?
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    If you like Clash and want to support SC stick to that LESS storage.

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    manage your upgrade and loot spending , everything will be fine

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