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Thread: Improvements for the Valley

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    Improvements for the Valley

    I think the Valey would be improved if the following changes were made:

    1) Allow counting of sun points for next fuel spin even before we domthe current spin. It's a pain that, in order not to lose any sun points, I need to take a break from placing lobster&duck traps and go to the Valley.

    2) Remove the houses with almost-black roofs. They make it difficult to know which buildings count for a "house with a black roof".

    3) Have more of a variety of tasks any given day for sun points. When too many players are doing sugar cane, it makes it difficult to find other items in stores, as well as making it difficult to sell any sugar cane I do grow. Similarly, when too many players are filling boat boxes for sun points, I can't find many that I can fill.

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    Agree with all of these!
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    Ditto. The house roofs are confusing. Feeding a variety of animals would be nice instead of just one kind. Lower the amount of produce we need to plant for sun points. It’s way out of control. At one point I had 1400 carrots without even realizing it.

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    no to making valley easier. Sorry, but some of us need the challenge

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    Make it easier to get fuel. After getting to try for 200 hundred, should not have to be 550.

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    I agree with these and would like to add that we need better prizes. If you are giving away an axe for 600 tokens, at least make it a bundle of 10
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    I play by myself, no group. I see a few trucks when I’m in the valley, but most of the time there are no others. It will be impossible for me to get 250 chickens. I did get quite a few tokens, but was disappointed with the items available. Then I had to discard over 450 blue tokens and about 200 each of the others. Very little reward for time spent in the valley. Please make it easier to spend the tokens....for example, a red token store, a blue one and a green token store. It’s too confusing. And we should be able to trade in left over tokens for something....some coins. Give us a better selection of items too. I like the valley very much....great addition to the game....but still needs some tweaking.

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    I hate to sound negative about anything to do with Hay Day but I've got to say that The Valley was incredibly dull, time consuming and I really couldn't see much point in it. A great deal of messing around and effort for an axe or a screw. Seriously not worth it. Those sun points?? That message about fuel spins constantly popping up even when I did not want to participate in The Valley, I had to go and do the fuel spin just so I could do my farm without interruptions. Completing a derby task to get the days maximum sun points when you have already completed the derby was an impossibility. Just a nightmare and now it's over any "tokens" I earned are gone! I just didn't see the point.......oh and thanks for the truck breaking down whilst I was trying to complete a task....I didn't waste time going back several hours later to finish. Really pleased that The Valley Season has ended...lets hope it's a 1 in 1,000 year event

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    I like these ideas. Ots the simple things to make the valley better than it already is

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