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Thread: need clan

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    need clan

    I need a clan for my th9 account only walls and heroes are left to max plz invite me to clan.
    My account tag #YQJJCLYVJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon064 View Post
    I need a clan for my th9 account only walls and heroes are left to max plz invite me to clan.
    My account tag #YQJJCLYVJ
    I will really need all help I can get for clan games. .

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    Clan name: Orbits
    Clan tag: #29UOPQ2JJ

    Hi falcon064,

    It sounds like you have a solid account! You can join my clan. Its new and friendly clan that was made on 19 July 2019. We are looking to do wars once a week but you can allowed to opt out. We welcome all play styles. You can expect high level troops to be donated to you.

    Come and visit us!

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    Feb 2015
    Hi falcon!

    We are an extremely active war clan looking for active members. Let me tell you about my clan:

    * Great war record - Placed 1st or 2nd in every CWL and have above 85% win rate in wars... Plus Daily Wars!!!
    * Maxed Clan Games - We usually Max in 2 days and obtain all rewards.
    * VERY ACTIVE CHAT - Lots of banter and planning. Chat is always active!!!
    * Donations - Very high donations for those looking to push. WE HAVE SIEGE MACHINES FOR WAR!!!!!
    * International Clan - This helps with donations around the clock and someone is usually online
    * Active Leadership - We are always recruiting, removing inactives, providing advice, and planning wars

    Hope you can join us! Looking a few couple more players to compete in 30v30 CWL

    Fat Kitty Stars


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    Jun 2016
    Australia: English Speaking Clan
    Mac Aussie Clan (P82VQV8V)

    We are an english speaking Aussie Clan looking for the following:

    • MUST be an Active/Daily Clasher
    • TH 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Not overly rushed) welcome
    • Can read and understand english
    • Follow instructions and be part of a team effort

    We war twice a week at the same times every week and participate in:

    • Clan Wars
    • Clan League Wars
    • Games

    We aren’t interested in Clashers that are hoppers, parkers, swearers and/or are just plain disrespectful.

    Our forum password is:
    "Pekka King"

    Kind Regards
    Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG

    Come & join a great clan
    Clan Founded - March 2016

    Clan War Profile:
    Clan Wars - 183 wins
    Clan League Wars - Gold 1
    Clan Level - 11
    Clan Members - 30

    No Swearing
    Come & join a great clan
    Founded - March 2016

    Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG
    League - Titan 2
    Level - 201
    War Stars - 1473
    (Clan Leader)
    Mac Aussie Clan

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    R & R Monsters Join!
    We have two clans running....check us out!


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