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Thread: Neighbors please

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    Neighbors please

    I want a neighborhood

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    We r aaacepting levels 26 and above what level are u. We r helpers. Just do the tasks alloted 320 pts and above . No stress. Just play and have fun.

    Dreamers #PCGL2RLR

    We will assign u elder asap when ur active in derby. Wait for u!

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    BIG HAWKE’S NEST # PYCYPWO9 is a brand new neighbourhood looking for new neighbours to join. You can come check it out or look me up Lazy Farm

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    Hi there heard u are looking for a new neighbourhood mine accepts levels 10 and over and has just started out we currently only have 2 people in our neighbourhood that includes me and are trying to recruit new people we are a friendly farm nh and love to trade with each other participate in derby and other events and most importantly have fun and become great friends if u are interested my nh is called : squid farm

    It has a light blue star symbol with a yellow lobster I am yazzy’s croptastic farm look me up if you are unable to find nh

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