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Thread: Join The Unbeatable #290VR28LY Amazing war log!

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    Join The Unbeatable #290VR28LY Amazing war log!

    Hello, my name is Vortext. I am one of the leaders of 'The Unbeatable'.

    I am here to recruit active & strong members to join our level 6 war clan! We were established back in mid February early 2019. Since then, we have had constant wars. Typically 5v5s.
    Although now we're looking to do much bigger wars, like hopefully 30v30s sometime soon. We have an amazing war log, with 40 wins out of the 46 wars we've partaken in! It's standard for us to reach over 9 war win streak, with our record being 12 wars won in a row.
    NOTE: We really do need some more town hall 12s in our clan, although we do accept town halls 8+.

    So why would you want to join our clan?

    1. Constant wars
    We have continuous back to back wars. We frequently send out clan mail to remind everybody who wishes to be in wars to inform us, that way everybody is included.

    2. Fast donations!
    Online a lot & frequently need your clan castle filled? That works for us! There is always someone online to provide high level troops whenever you need them! If you check out our clan, you'll notice our very high donation counts!

    3. Responsible staff
    Is there a toxic player bugging you? Well I can make a personal promise to you that said player will be kicked right out of our clan by one of our Elders or Co-Leaders long before that person becomes a problem to you. Our staff are very quick to listen & help you with whatever issues you may have! We will also help you with war strategies, as well as helping you choose your targets to make your war experience as efficient as possible.

    4. Calm clan with no drama
    We're not big on people joining our clan just to stir arguments. So you do not have to worry about those kinds of players, as our staff will deal with them properly & with care.


    -250+ War stars. Exceptions can be made, based on how developed your base is.

    -Town hall 8+. We do accept town hall 7's on occasion, but that is in the situation where the Town Hall 7 has many war stars & is very near max.

    -Balanced out base. We understand if for example you're a new town hall 10, & you have town hall 9 defenses, but we will not accept you into our clan if you have town hall 8 defenses, or in other words, a 'rushed' base.


    -We get it, you may like to discuss politics & religion, but kindly refrain from such, as it can very easily stir up unnecessary drama & arguments, & unfortunately, that can lead the staff to be forced to kick the people involved.

    -Respect for one another. We value everybody the same, & nobody will get extra special treatment just because they're higher level.

    -Donate what is asked for, & respect the level that is requested. I really can't stress this one enough. If someone asks for a specific troop, donate what they ask for, or just don't donate at all. Also respect the level that is requested. I should also mention, if someone adds the word 'war' into their donation request, that means they're asking for max troops, so do not donate lower level troops unless the person requesting says otherwise. This rule applies to everyone, including staff.

    -Don't try & be a third party staff member. To explain, don't tell elders who they should kick, or tell leaders who they should promote, just let us them do their job.

    -Do not ask for promotions. We keep track of promotions, & we do them often enough. If you haven't been promoted yet, it's because we don't feel you're ready to be promoted. It is standard for us to do promotions after CWL.

    -Use both war attacks. This is standard for all clans. Just try your best in consideration to our strategies provided, that's all we ask.

    Rules can be added or changed at any time. Staff are also permitted to enforce punishments based on what they believe is a violation of our clan's policies, even if it isn't specifically noted in this list.

    So now that all of that is out of the way, I encourage you to come & join our clan! We promise you'll love it here.

    Clan hashtag: #290VR28LY
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    Daily bump, remember to mention that you come from the forums for fast acceptance!

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