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Thread: Donated Troup Tags

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    Donated Troup Tags

    Please make donated troups have a tag so people can see who donated what. In our clan, we keep getting "joke donations", but it is donated when nobody is online so nobody can tell who is joke donating. This is a problem of increasing severity in my clan and i would like to know who donated the troup so i can kick them as it is wasting donation requests.

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    Please read the stickies before posting ideas, because this idea is ruled out by Supercell:

    Troop/Barracks Related:

    • Queue troop donation notices when offline – display when back online or new interface to see info after
    • Show total training time left above barracks
    • Show total elixir costs of troops sitting in army camps
    • 5x or 10x button in troop training screens for faster queuing
    • Modify healers to include healing air troops
    • Release a hero for every troop type (Some more may come eventually, but not EVERY troop)
    • Prepackaged troop clusters = similar to clan castle deployment, but you can load like 50 troop count in 4 different clusters to deploy on offense all at once.
    • Have clan war troop donations count towards donation statistics

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