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Thread: What is your builder hall level ? Am i good enough ? Please advice me!

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    Like everyone else said, rush BH to 9. BUT get your BM to 5 first before you do that. It's only 1 level and getting that ability helps a lot with attacks.

    After that, all your gold goes to the builder hall until level 9. All your elixir goes into gold storage. Gold mines if you have available builder, gold storages are maxed, and don't have enough gold for next builder hall upgrade yet.

    Once you hit BH9, leave gold storages at lvl 8. You will be so underleveled that you won't need more than 4.2 million gold for a long time.

    Most important things to do with gold: elixir collectors and getting every wall and defense, even if it means leaving them at level 1. It helps tremendously to get all the goodies. Clocktower also, but that can come a little later. Eventually, max 1 of your elixir storages too

    Elixir: Gold mines, and then focus only on 1 good troop composition that you are good with. The meta at BH9 is air, so maybe focus on beta minions and drop ships (which in that case you will also need to upgrade your barracks to lvl 9 also). What you should do is after u max out the troops for your lab level, then ugprade your lab, then max your troops for that level, max out your lab, etc, until you have lvl 9 lab and lvl 18 troops. Lvl 18 troops will probably need 1 lvl 9 storage also. Then I'd say work on your BM.

    Your defense will be really bad for a while so it's important to get your offense loaded quickly, because that is where your success will come.
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    Generally, I'd advise people to level up the bm to max at each bh level. To level up troops necessary for both a decent air and decent ground attack.
    I'd also advise getting defenses to lvl 5 or 6, the only exceptions being: roaster, multi mortar, air bombs, giant cannon, and mega tesla; these should all be maxxed at each th level.

    However, op, in your situation, you may as well bee line to bh 9 and go from there. Work on a decent troop comp to do attacks, then focus on bm for awhile.
    It'll be a grind for sure, but you will slowly but surely get there.
    You may consider using books and/or gems to hit the requirements for o.t.t.o too. A 2nd builder would help get your base up to snuff a little faster, esp considering the lower cost of lower level defenses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affront View Post
    Ok.. here goes:

    OP, stop being such a BH5 and upgrade! :-)

    The best strategy for Builder Base is: Rush. Follow Nocís guide and bee-line directly to BH9 asap! Donít upgrade troops you donít use, at first.

    For Main Village, there are several strategies; I prefer the one where you keep your heroes down until they are maxed.. you really canít avoid getting a lot of other stuff done during that process.

    And there it is!!

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    Hi, from what I have read and researched, get up to BH9 ASAP! you don't get any loot penalties from attacking lower levelled BH's as is the case with you HV, so the higher your BH, the more defenses you have and the easier you are able to win (more army camps = more troops). Level up, put down the new buildings and move up to the next BH. I did this, sadly only learnt about it at BH 7 :/ and I hit 3k trophies the other day with my BH9.

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