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Thread: Very low resolution since today

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukeman235 View Post
    However, SC has likely done some small update that is affecting S3 and S4 tablets (or at least some). Perhaps an Android version or tablet kernel issue created by the update?
    maybe an os update for your newer s generation devices?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    maybe an os update for your newer s generation devices?!
    My tablet is up to date. The game on my S3 was fine yesterday, graphics became poor just today. I dont do anything to my tablet that would cause this.

    Hayday and Boom are fine on my S3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigLilyStyle View Post
    OK, I'd tried multiple .apks (seriously, I've been at this for days) BUT not the one linked to here (3.4.04). It was able to install and it plays nice with my S3. Back to high res. Thank you SO much, RayzorSharp!!!!!!
    Which version of Game Tuner worked for you ?
    I tested until version 3.0 and no one worked.

    You Mean Samsung Tab S3 or Phone S3 ?
    What is your Android version ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukeman235 View Post
    So I tried the Samsung Game Tuner on my S3. V34.05. I adjusted the resolution from 75% to 100% as suggested in another thread. This WORKED.
    What is your Android version ?
    On my Tab S1 (Android 6) and Tab S4 (android 9), Game Tuner did not work

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    It is fixed this morning on TAB S3! I even rebooted to be sure it kept the high resolution. It did. No idea how/who fixed it as I don't see anything was updated... But it's working correctly now!

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    My resolution is now fixed on my Samsung S3 with out Game Tuner.
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