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Thread: How many attacks have you missed this season in legends.

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    How many attacks have you missed this season in legends.

    I know I've missed a few, so I wanted to see just how many. Go to the leaderboards, those guys prolly dont miss any.

    Well apparently I've missed 64 attacks
    I guess I could have fallen asleep for a few days and not remembered.

    Looking around, a lot of those top people seem to have missed 54 attacks too, whatever bug I have, its apparently contagious.

    Some lucky peeps only seem to have missed a dozen or so, so I'm guessing they didn't get as sick or tired as the rest of us.

    Tldr; thought I only missed a few attacks, guess I didn't remmber the other 50 or so. Be safe clashers.
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    I don't think I've missed any this season, but I have noticed I haven't taken 8 defences each day so there's obviously a fair few people missing out on their attacks.
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    Some players at the top started in Titans hence why they have more attacks this season..

    As for myself I missed 3 in one day and that's it since the beginning of the new Legends.

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    I haven't missed a single attack yet, but I’m pretty much at my limit time wise. Family, job, life outside of clash etc...I’ll keep pushing this season but next season I’m going to take it much more relaxed and not stress out about missing a few attacks here or there. Its not like I can compete with these pro players anyway, so I’ll just have fun messing around, lol.
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    Haven’t missed one attack yet.
    But with heroes mia, i’m missing on large trophy gains.

    Have to say, that for me, 8 is a sweet-spot: some days i’m done by noon... some other days i’m finishing by 10-11pm in my timezone.
    I tried, but have given up, on counting defenses. It is simply too time consuming to figure it out daily, when reset is at 3am for me.

    I assume that because I moved up,,that defenses are missing... I do not rely on my ability to 1-star to move up .

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    I haven't missed one yet

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    Missed 0 so far

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    I have missed loads....most days do 6 to 8....probly 2 or 3 days i have done 3 to 5. Slid down into the 4900s at one stage after a 3 attack day and it's pretty easy to stay there with well below 8 hits.

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    I missed none, but I bought a 1-day shield
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    My main account has already dropped from LL, no need to farm any more.
    I'm sitting at 145 wins this season on my second account was in LL from the beginning of the season, guessing 8-10 losses, so close to 155 attacks in total. Looks like I have missed 25 or so and staying in the 5000-5050 range most days, I like the format that I can log in and hit when ever I have time, so just doing enough to stay in LL untill my hero's are finished.
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