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Thread: How many attacks have you missed this season in legends.

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    Started in T1, only hit legends about 8 days in, missed 1 hit. But don't think I've taken 8 defences a day once!

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    Missed none, 8 seems a good number for me.

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    I’ve missed a few, I find 8 to be a good number though, but it is hard sometimes especially during the week so I find myself rushing attacks just to get them done, usually doesn’t turn out well for me.
    I’ve been hit 8 times every time except the very first one was only 6.
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    Is there a good way to automatically check? Otherwise I've lost count of how many I've missed.

    I'm not sure how many days there have been in this season, but even if I knew that, checking my number of attacks won won't work, because I know I've lost some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzie View Post
    wow then they must be the best players ever. must have been in titans for a bit with those extra attacks, maybe I’ll try and make friends with them and watch and learn their strategy
    Not necessarily, it would be rather easy if you're a good player to start in Titans, farm like crazy for a day or two, then opt in to Legends and climb up quickly. With the new Legends setup, it's similar to a ladder, there's an equilibrium point for nearly everyone. You're likely to reach that equilibrium point significantly sooner than an entire season of playing.

    For example, if you and I are both of a skillset where we are going to hit approximately 6000 trophies, if you start at 5000 trophies in Legend and hit 6000 trophies on the 20th of the month and never progress much past that, and I start in Titan and join legends on the 5th, and hit 6000 trophies on the 25th, I might have a lot more attacks in than you, but it doesn't really matter one way or the other. We both ended up in the same place.

    And to answer the OP, I don't think I've missed any yet, but I've done a bunch without heroes because they are upgrading so I do a lot of 2 attacks at a time since I have a backup army trained and no heroes to wait on healing.

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    Missed none and none have been missed against me.

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    I miss at least 1 every day, often 2 or 3, 20 maybe?

    Seems like I'm not cut out to be in the very, very top echelon. Still hovering at 5500 trophies though, so not too bad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodII View Post
    I miss at least 1 every day, often 2 or 3, 20 maybe?

    Seems like I'm not cut out to be in the very, very top echelon. Still hovering at 5500 trophies though, so not too bad?
    Really good imo, ive missed 10 and am at 5300, was practicing a new hog strategy so a ton of 1 stars.

    I am confused how people can get 40 attacks in titans, miss out on at least a day, (320), cups, and still be near the top for leader. I must be missing something, i get it, they for for bust, but how so many people do it leads me to smelling something fishy
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    Between 15-20. I've missed 14 in a 2 day span. My schedule gets busy at times, and I don't have the time for 8 raids some days. Is what it is. I'm honestly only in legends because attackers can't steal your loot....... You know the loot I can't spend being a maxed account 😂

    Probably another 6 or 7 can be added to that after today 🤦
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    Question about Legends, since I'm hovering around 4880-4950:

    1. Do you have to wait to train your army and hero regen, same as everyone else?

    2. Do you get to see the base that you will attack *before* choosing your army composition?
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