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Thread: Hammers Question

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    How does a hammer work?

    I have never used a hammer in my cCOC LIFE.

    I have got enough medals to buy one. ...

    But the case is. ..

    How does a hammer work? ??

    1.Do we need to use a builder to use hammer?

    2.Do we need to spend resources on the upgrade and then use the hammer?

    Eg : I need to upgrade my Clan Castle. ...Can I click the clan castle and hit the hammer and will it instantly upgrade to the next level?
    Do I need to start the upgrade using a builder and the necessary resources, and then finish it using a hammer?

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    Well, there's a long handle which you hold, and then a heavy end, which you use to hit...

    Oh, never mind, you asked specific questions.

    1. Yes, you need a builder available to use the hammer.
    2. No, the hammer covers both the resources and the building time - it's instant and free (other than the medal cost)

    In your example, yes, once you buy the hammer, it will appear as an option to upgrade the clan castle. You'll see one button for 7M gold (or whatever it costs at your level) to upgrade it an another with one hammer to upgrade it. Simply choose the hammer.

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    Just click clan castle, click hammer. No not start the upgrade normally. Then you have to use a book. Hammer does not require the resources.
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    I suggest you to use hammer of fighting and hammer of spells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    I suggest you to use hammer of fighting and hammer of spells.
    This will save a very big time of yours

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    Good luck

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    i would pass on the hammers and max out your heros. you can upgrade all of them fast by buying tons of builder potions. it’s a short term sacrifice with long term gains.

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    Going from 10 to a brand new 11 I would use hammers on Spell Factory, Lab and then CC. The CC will be a big difference because you can house 2 spell space there which will help big time with farming and when you get into wars. Any medals left then look at army camp, barracks.
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