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Thread: How to change the name of the clan?

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    Unhappy How to change the name of the clan?

    Sorry, probably such a question has been asked many times already. And sorry, I do not know much English.

    My Russian clan is called "КБР" (#JPL009UU). This is the abbreviated name of the region of Russia - Kabardino Balkar Republic.

    But because of this name many problems arise. Few people remain if he does not live in the CBD. This makes it difficult to create a good team. I want to change the name. We in the clan came up with a new name - "Elbrus" or "Эльбрус". Is it possible to change? What to do?

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    The short answer is you can’t

    If you look in the Ideas & Feature Request sub-forum, you’ll see this is a frequent request. On the recent AMA, conducted on Reddit, Darian said this was not a near term change that was coming.

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